Unexpected Encounters

On Thursday, Mom and I had a day planned to run several errands in New Delhi.  First on the agenda was to go to a publisher to discuss publication of the Hindi Bible mom has translated.  The Hindi Bibles that are available at stores now are way too difficult for the regular person to understand (similar to the King James Version of the Bible).  The Bible mom was inspired to translate is similar to a Good News Bible in Hindi. The publisher that someone recommended is from the Sikh faith.  As we were there, Mom began to testify to the publishers.  I also shared with them about the miracle at the marketplace.  They immediately told us about a young woman who was battling life and death in ICU at a nearby hospital due to a complication during child birth.  We offered to pray for her.  Visiting hours were a few hours later, so we killed time for a few hours and then went to pray for the young woman and her family.  We have heard she is in stable condition now and the doctors are saying she will fully recover.

On Friday, we thought we would finish the errands in Delhi that we had intended to run on Thursday.  But, my cousin called and asked my mother and me to stop by Noida, a neighboring city, to pray for a young paralyzed boy on our way to Delhi.  So, of course we said “yes.”  When we got to Noida, instead of taking us to pray for the little boy, my cousin took us to the home of the Garg family.  The wife is suffering from cancer.  We shared with them.  Then we prayed for the husband.  He had broken his leg in a car accident over 15 years earlier and the bone had not healed properly.  He had stiffness and pain.  We prayed.  The first three times we prayed, nothing happened.  The fourth time was the charm.  All of a sudden his leg began to heal.  He got excited and had us pray a few more times until the pain completely left.  He was amazed!  Then we also prayed for a woman who happened to be visiting.  She believed it was a divine appointment that she and we had arrived at this home on the same day, at the same time.  She had a variety of ailments (ranging from diabetes to a thyroid problem).  She felt the power of God in her.  We also prayed for the son who had sinusitis and a skin problem. 

From there, we thought we were going to pray with the little boy who was paralyzed, but instead, my cousin took us all the way across Noida to another home.  The daughter is schizophrenic.  It started about 6 years back.  One night, in the middle of the night she came to her mother’s room, hit her mother and said, “I am not your daughter.  I am Tom Antonio from the US.”  She began acting strangely after that.  A few months earlier, my sister had prayed for her and for one entire week she had been “normal.”  We prayed for her, but she did not seem interested.  She had just been given sedatives, so was extremely sleepy.  We also prayed with the mother and father.  When the mother heard that we are planning on starting an orphanage and school, she immediately said she would like to help.

Finally at about 4:00 PM we went to my Maasi’s (mother’s sisters) house where we ate lunch. 

We will later find out how the Lord answered our prayers on these days.

Scripture for the Day:
19 Listen now to my voice; I will give you counsel, and God will be with you: Stand before God for the people, so that you may bring the difficulties to God.  20 And you shall teach them the statutes and the laws, and show them the way in which they must walk and the work they must do.  Exodus 18:19-20.

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