Things Are Moving Along

The children, Vinod, Golu and Nahim came again for tuition.  We are slowly getting into a pattern with them.  We are getting used to their learning styles and they are getting used to our teaching styles.

Many people called on Friday from the Priya marketplace.  It seems like people are telling one another about what the Lord is doing.  People called for healing, financial matters, and one kid called cause he wants to be a movie star :o )

Also on Friday, a friend of mine, Sunny came to spend the weekend.  He will be going to Australia for college soon, so he wanted to come and visit and spend some time in prayer. 

At night the neighbor with the vision problem came for prayer.  It seems he shows up whenever he has a need.  When things are going smoothly, he usually stays away.  I guess that is true of many of us.  We remember the Lord whenever we have needs.  When life is moving along at status quo, we tend to be too busy for the things of the Lord. 

Today, Saturday, in the morning we had some family stuff going on.  Then the children came for tuition.  In the afternoon, Mom, Sunny and I went to a movie.  It was a light comedy about a small village that gets a hold of a winning lottery ticket.

Again, throughout the day people called for prayer from the Priya marketplace.  God moved and healed many even as we just prayed over the phone.  For example, there was a young man who had an extreme chronic pain in his stomach.  The Lord healed that as we prayed over the phone. 

Scripture for the Day:
When they heard these things they became silent; and they glorified God, saying, “Then God has also granted to the Gentiles repentance to life.”  Acts 11:18.

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