The Woman With the Issue of Blood

Then we prayed for the various needs of the people.  Many were healed of aches and pains.  A few felt their vision clear up as we laid hands on them.  On lady told us she had come all the way from Madanpur Khadar (a place that we had ministered in back in September).  She wanted prayer for a child.  But, she also wanted to testify of a miracle that had happened when we last prayed for her.  She had had an issue of blood (like the woman in the Bible) and had been completely and miraculously healed by the power of Jesus!

As we started to pray for the various needs and people began feeling the Lord’s healing virtue in their bodies, more people began coming for prayer from around the village.  Although the meeting only had about 40-50 people, we probably prayed for over 100 people.

After the meeting we received many invitations to visit other villages and slum areas for ministry.  I love ministering in such places and am excited for the opportunities.

We then went to my Aunt’s house for an hour and a half before heading to a college outreach meeting in Noida.  They wanted me to attend as the “Guest of Honor.”  And it was a pretty good deal – I didn’t have to say a word, just “grace the event with my presence.”  The outreach was nice.  The young people had planned songs and skits and a message. 

The message was challenging.  The pastor who shared the message encouraged us to be chained to Christ.  To be willing to live or die for him.  He told true stories of many people who had chosen to serve Christ despite the cost.  One such story was about a convert in Indonesia who was imprisoned because of his faith.  He was told that his legs would be cut off if he didn’t not renounce his faith.  He refused to renounce Jesus.  They cut off his legs.  He was told that his hands would be cut off if he didn’t not renounce his faith.  He refused to renounce Jesus.  They cut off his hands.  He was told that his heart would be cut out and into little pieces if he didn’t not renounce his faith.  He refused to renounce Jesus.  They cut out his heart and cut it into little pieces.   

After the meeting I had the opportunity to meet with several people.  The pastor who shared the message invited us to visit a girls’ hostel he is running.  The hostel houses female children of prison inmates, former prostitutes, children who have been sold into slavery, etc.  

Scripture for the Day:
3 If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, and perform them,…12 I will walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people.  Leviticus 26:3 & 12.

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