The Twenty-Third Miracle Meeting/Miracles in the Priya Marketplace 15

Wednesday was also our twenty-third miracle meeting.  Because of the rain many people did not come.  Those who attended were: Mahima, Sarika, Amit, Kajal and Nahim.  I did a short teaching on the story where Jesus healed the leper.

Thursday was ministry at the Priya marketplace again.  First we prayed for DevAshish, the little boy with Thalassemia.  He will be tested around the twelfth of next month.  Only then will we know what the Lord is doing in him.

At the marketplace itself, as soon as we got there, a group of ladies was waiting for us.  The daughter-in-laws of the couple who comes from Vasant Vihar to our home on Sundays had brought them.  The younger daughter-in-law was very excited.  She said that she hadn’t believed much earlier, but last week when mom had been over at their house, mom had praised that the daughter-in-law’s husband get a particular job, and two days later he got the job!  So now, she had faith.  Slowly more and more people started coming for prayer.  A man had a brace on his hand due to an old injury.  As we prayed, he felt a significant difference in the pain.  He was shocked.  Other people with various pains in their bodies were completely healed as the Lord touched them.

It was funny.  An elderly man took a liking to us and decided to be our PR person.  He stood next to me and encouraged people to get prayer.  He would then ask them their need and announce their need to me as I prayed.  He would also encourage the people who got prayer to have faith.  He was very helpful.  He would tell people our timings and encourage them to return next week as needed.

After prayer, we had our youth meeting.  Although a lot of people promised to attend, it seems they were unable to at the end.  Those who attended were, Jasminder Bhaiya, Manoj, Hemant, Suvneet and Jawahar (just at the end).  I did a basic teaching on who Jesus is.  Next week we will begin to get into the Bible.  Hemant was praising God he was able to attend.  At work his shift has just been changed, so he was supposed to be at work.  But, at the last minute, he got an SMS saying that work had been canceled!  So, obviously God wanted him to attend. 

Scripture for the Day:
Now this is the confidence we have in Him, that we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.  I John 5:14.

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