The Twenty-Sixth Prayer Fellowship

The children are finally beginning to understand the concept of praying for their needs.  This is the first time we really had a lot of testimonies during testimony time.  Raj Kumar stood up and testified that he had had a stomach ache and prayed.  The Lord healed his stomach pain.  Jagan testified that he had lost his notebook for school and had to copy from someone elses.  He had been trying to do it for one month, but it was slow going.  He basically had given up, thinking it was impossible.  But, then he prayed and was able to finish in one day what he had not been able to do in one month!  Mahinder testified that he had lost three rupees.  He prayed and the Lord provided!  Vinod testified about the miracles he had seen at the outreach on Friday.

We have decided to begin a Bible study of the Gospel According to Matthew on Sundays.  Many people cannot read the Word of God on their own, so we need to read it to them.  This is a systematic way to do it.  So, today we studied from Matthew 1 and 2.  Along side talking about the birth of Jesus, we discussed about divine guidance.  It is awesome how the Lord clearly guided Joseph and the wise men, in order to protect Jesus and cause all of the prophecies about Jesus to be fulfilled.  And in the same way that he guided them in the past, He wants to guide us now.

The Lord has promised to always lead and guide His people.  Proverbs 4:11-12.  His word assures us that the Lord, “will instruct [us] and teach [us] in the way [we] should go; [He] will guide [us] with [His] eye.”  Psalms 32:8.  As a shepherd guide’s his sheep, so the Lord guides His people.  In the Old Testament, God led His people with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  Numbers 9:15-23.  And now He has promised to fill us with His Holy Spirit who continually dwells within us and guides us.  John 14:26; 16:13.  The word of God repeatedly tells us that our steps are ordered of God.  Psalms 37:23; Proverbs 16:9.

The real problem is that we often fail to recognize His voice as He guides us.   As Christians, one of our biggest desires is to hear God’s voice.  Growing up I would often say, “I wish God would just speak to me and let me know what He wants me to do.”  But, now I have learned, God is speaking to each one of us, we just do not always “hear” Him; or rather, we do not always recognize His guidance and instruction.  Much of the reason is because we do not spend enough time with the Lord, so we do not learn to recognize his voice.  I often analogize it to someone calling you on the telephone.   The first time the person calls, you have no clue who it is.  Even the second time, you do not recognize the voice.  Perhaps the third time the person calls, the voice sounds familiar; but you are not sure who it is.  The fourth time you may have a hunch as to who is calling.  The fifth time, you positively identify the voice.  The sixth time you call the person by name before they tell you who they are.  In the same way, to recognize the Lord’s voice, we must talk to the Lord and listen to His voice on a regular basis. 

But, the Lord does not only lead His people by speaking to us in either a small still voice, or in a loud thundering voice.  He also directs through the written Word, by His Holy Spirit, in dreams and visions and even through the counsel of angels.

After the service, we prayed for the various needs.  The Lord healed many of the children from pains.

In the afternoon we had a family party to celebrate Dad’s retirement.  The entire family gathered and everyone shared nice words about Dad or advice for his retirement.

For your retirement, we all have some advice

Don’t worry it is free,

There is no price

Some will tell you to relax and take in some sun

Gather the grandchildren around

Share stories of battles lost and victories won

Some may advise that you catch up with friends, old and new

Plan adventures together

As you reminisce over the things you used to do

 Others will tell you it is time to travel to places afar

Leave no stone unturned

Whether it be by plane, train, ship or car

Still others will tell you to do the things you have never done

Sky dive, bungee jump, river raft

Be creative, have some fun

But, I think all this will lose its charm and grow old

Instead, put on a mask and

Save the world, be Krrish, be bold!

Scripture for the Day:
The rod and rebuke give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.  Proverbs 29:15.

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