The Twenty-Seventh Prayer Fellowship

We were supposed to continue going through the Bible.  Mom was to share on Matthew 3.  But, instead, we showed them a portion of the Jesus movie until the electricity left.  After the meeting we had a chance to sit and talk with Anirudh, Dharna, and Ekta.  It was a good time of fellowship.  We shared with them some testimonies. 

Although the couple from Vasant Vihar was unable to come for prayer due to the rain, they called and we prayed with them over the phone.  The lady with cancer also called.  She is feeling better.  The pain is significantly less.  Praise God!

A young man, Jawahar, from Delhi called.  He said that we had prayed for tension and a constant headache he has.  He said there is a significant difference after prayer.  He wants to come to Faridabad for additional prayer.

Another young man named Hemant also called.  I had met him at Priya a few weeks ago.  He had gotten a general prayer for “life.”  He called to tell me that although he is from a Hindu family, he believes in Jesus.  He does not know anything about Jesus, but he wants to learn.  So, I invited him to youth group.

It has been one week since we have seen or heard from any of the boys who normally come for tutoring.  I am a little concerned.  Mom said that she doesn’t think they will be back.  I prayed for each one of them today.  I think I need to spend more time praying for each of my kids individually.

Scripture for the Day:

Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.  Matthew 18:5.

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