The Twenty-Second Prayer Fellowship

I shared a message on faith.  Once in the Bahamas, a two-story structure was engulfed in flames, and the family- the father, mother, and several children- was on its way out when the smallest boy became terrified and ran back upstairs. 


His father, outside, shouted to him: "Jump, son, jump! I’ll catch you."

The boy cried: "But Daddy, I can’t see you." 


"I know," his father called, "but I can see you."

Even though we can’t always see Him…we can’t always hear Him…we have to have faith in Him…faith that He sees us…faith that He will catch us when jump.


The message was long with many stories, but I will not get into it here.  After the message, we began to pray for those with various needs.  The lady with cancer began to cry as we finished praying for her.  She has tried so many things, but nothing has given her such amazing relief like Jesus.  But, I think she feels like we are her link to Jesus.  We tried to assure her that Jesus doesn’t need us to heal her. 

We spent quite some time praying with all those who wanted prayer.  


After the prayer meeting was over, an additional host of kids showed up.  They wanted to watch a movie.  So, we let them watch Stuart Little (dubbed in Hindi of course).

In the afternoon, a lady who sometimes comes for prayer dropped by with her kids for prayer.  Neelam Didi was healed of a chronic sinus problem.  So, whenever she has a need, she comes for prayer, because she knows that Jesus is a prayer answering God.  She actually read the entire Bible after she received her healing.  But, she is hesitant or reluctant (one of the two) to come to our regular worship services.


Today is also the day we fly back to the US for one month.  Actually, technically, the flight is on May 8 at 1:20 AM.  I am writing this as we are packing to go to the airport.  It feels weird leaving.  But, I am comforted to know that He is in control and we will be back. 

I intend to continue to update the blog while I am in the US, so do check back in a few days.

Scripture for the Day:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1.

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