The Twenty-Second Miracle Meeting

In the middle of our Bible study, some people brought a man with an evil spirit.  It seems he got sick a few days back, with a high fever and swelling in his legs.  They took him to the hospital.  And he seems to have gone out of his senses.  He hits and kicks and takes his clothes off.  He speaks unaudibly and doesn’t blink.  We prayed with him for sometime.  They will bring him again tomorrow for additional prayer.

Then Suvneet and I finished our Bible study and I prepared for the miracle meeting.  We studied about the two blind men Jesus healed in the 9th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.  From that story we learned the following lessons: (1) We need to continually call upon the Lord until we receive an answer to prayer; (2) We need to come to a point where we are praying from faith not from obligation or routine or any other reason; (3) We need to realize that the Lord can and will take care of all of our needs and problems, we don’t have to limit what we bring before Him; (4) We should be obedient.

At first it seemed like no one was going to attend the miracle meeting.  But, we started anyway, with just Mahima (the maid’s daughter) in attendance.  Slowly, people began to join us: Ekta, Shivam (her brother), a neighbor lady and Kajal.  Afterwards, Ekta testified that the frequency and intensity of the attacks or fits she has have diminished significantly.  The neighbor lady spent some time asking questions about Jesus and the Bible.  She had read a short book we had given her about the Bible.  She had us clarify things in it.  She came to the conclusion that the main difference between Hinduism and Christianity is that Hinduism believes in karma and Christianity says that through Jesus’ sacrifice, we are forgiven and we don’t have to suffer for our karma. 

A quick note: The test results for DevAshish, the little boy with Thalassemia we pray for, came out better than normal this month.  Praise God!

Scripture for the Day:
When Jesus heard that, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.”  Matthew 9:12.

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