The Twenty-First Prayer Fellowship

Mom shared a message on the parable of the sower.  There were four types of seeds he sewed.  One fell on the road side and never took root – those who never believe in God’s word.  One fell on rocky ground where it grew, but the roots were not deep, so it withered away at the first sign of trouble – those whose faith is temporary, based on what the Lord can give them, not on who He is, so they never have a firm foundation in the Word and easily give up their faith when troubles come.  One fell among thorns and bushes, and was choked as it grew – people who believe but lose faith as they get entangled in the things of this world and worries of “what will society think?”  One fell on good ground where it grew and bore fruit.  We want to be like that.  We want our faith to be grounded on the Word of God and His reality, so that our faith will grow and produce fruit.

After the service, we spent a few hours praying for those with needs (there were so many people who wanted prayer – virtually everyone who was in attendance).  The lady with cancer’s husband testified that her pain has reduced to 5-10% of what it was.  As we prayed, she felt more of a relief.  Radha’s mom felt a relief in her arthritis as we prayed.  The two ladies who had come at the end said that they suffered from constant headaches.  As we prayed, they said they felt the headaches leave.  The little boy had a chronic stomach pain.  He said the pain left as we prayed.  One of the men had injured his eye back in the village.  He had had several operations, but still could not see properly from the eye.  He said that the latest operation was to put a lens into his eye, just a few days earlier, but he was still unable to see.  His eye was all red and swollen looking.  As we prayed, he said he only felt a very minimal difference.  I asked him to wait a bit and see if God continued the healing.  Ten to fifteen minutes later, the man came back to me saying, “There is a significant improvement in my eye!  Please pray again.”  So we prayed again.  Mom prayed for the little kids and their various aches and pains.  The Lord healed them.

As the meeting was ending, a whole host of kids showed up (lead by Ekraam – the first kid to give his heart to Jesus on Christmas).  I think counting those already there, there were 26 children in all.  They all wanted to watch the Jesus movie.  So we turned it on for them to see.  The children were glued to the screen as Jesus performed miracles, taught those around Him, and then gave the ultimate sacrifice.

In the afternoon, I got a call from Sunny’s friend’s aunt’s daughter-in-law, whom we had prayed for on or around March 28.  She had been having dizzy spells and vomiting and had been extremely sick.  When we had prayed for her, we had not thought that it had made a difference.  But, today she told me that after prayer she had been healed.  Praise God!  So, now she was back in her hometown in Punjab and wanted prayer for her sister’s husband. 

In the evening, the elderly lady with the knee and breathing problem called again for prayer.  She said she felt a difference since we had prayed yesterday and wanted the Lord to complete the healing He had started.  Also, the young girl with the kidney stones called again for prayer.  As we prayed, she felt relief as well.

At night Radha’s mom called for prayer.  She was feeling extreme pain in her knees again.  As we prayed the pain left.  But, she was afraid of “what would happen later.”  I told her to rebuke the pain if it tried to return.

Finally Mom, Dad and I relaxed together and watched a movie, Ramji Londonwaley.  It has been ages since we have done that.  We had thought that it would be a light comedy, but it wasn’t.  However, it was still enjoyable, with a different storyline.  It was about dreams coming true.

Scripture for the Day:
“Go!  It will be done just as you believed it would.”  Mathew 8:13.

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