The Twenty-Eighth Prayer Fellowship

On Saturday again the day was pretty leisurely.  In the afternoon I had a nice conversation with one of the young guys who has started coming to the youth meetings at Priya.  His name is Hemant.  He told me his testimony.  How he ran away from home at the age of fourteen and through various circumstances eventually came to know the Lord.  He shared with me the many miracles Jesus has done in his life.

In the evening we went to see a movie called Corporate.  It is a serious movie about the realities of the corporate world in India — the corruption and politics.  It was interesting.  I guess it is supposedly based on the Coke/Pepsi wars in India.  They showed how although the softdrink they were producing was contaminated with pesticides, the FDA approved it because of corruption.  Scary.

At night the lady with cancer called.  All of a sudden today her face has swollen up and she has lost sensation in half of her face.  As we prayed over the phone, I prayed that the Lord would heal the swelling before her eyes.  And to my surprise, He did just that.  As we prayed the swelling slowly disappeared!

Sunday was our twenty-eighth prayer fellowship.  We had an awesome turnout.  Those who attended were: Ram Avtar, Dharmendra, Ram Singh, Ekraam, Punam, Sanja, Urmila, Jagdish, Suraj, Arun, Jagat Raj, Ghansham, Akhilesh, Vinod, Amit, Renu, Nisha, Mahima, Harish, Jagan, Deepak, Sonu, Sunil, Sarika, Akanksha, Mr. Chauhan, Dinesh, Madhu Bhabhi, Rajesh Bhaiya ,Promil Bhaiya, Neeraj, Kajal, and others.

The entire room was full.  Every chair was taken and we even had to pull out an extra chair!

Some of the kids came forward with testimonies.  Jagdish shared how the lights went out at school and all of the children began to sweat.  He prayed, “Jesus, bring back the light.”  Immediately the electricity came back on!  Jagan shared how his face had broken out with acne due to an allergy or heat.  He had his mom get medicine, but the medicine did not work.  Then he prayed and he was healed!

Mom shared a teaching on Matthew 3.  She shared about John the Baptist, Repentance, and Baptism. 

Afterwards we prayed for all those who were sick.  Just as church ended, the lady with cancer showed up for prayer.  We spent some time ministering to her and her husband and praying for her.  She felt an improvement.  She had not been able to open her mouth because her jaw was locked.  When she left, she was opening it pretty wide.

At night we went to see my cousins, Rohit and Pulkit for possibly the last time (at least for a while).  They are moving to the US.  It was a nice family get-together

Scripture for the Day:
Little children, keep yourselves away from idols.  Amen.  I John 5:21.

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