The Twentieth Prayer Fellowship

During the meeting, I shared a message on the armor of God.  We first discussed why if there is a loving God, there is pain and suffering in this world (because people to don’t turn to Him).  Then, we discussed why do people who do trust in God still suffer (because although there is God, there is also satan).  Next, we talked about whether or not it should matter to us if others are suffering, as long as we are okay (when others are suffering, we are in danger as well).  Finally we talked about Ephesians 6 and putting on the armor of God to fight against the ploys of satan.

After the service we prayed for everyone who wanted prayer.  The children got prayer for their studies.  Vishnu got prayer for his eye (this is the family where the father questioned us at a slum as to how their can be a power other than Krishna in this world).

Judes and Vincent came after the service and helped us pray for the lady from Vasant Vihar.  It seems like she has some major inner healing issues.  We may visit her home on Thursday to pray for her there again.

After prayer, Judes and Vincent joined us for lunch.  It was nice spending some time with the guys and getting to know them.  They are excited to see Delhi moved for God.  When we get back from the US, I am excited to work with them and see how God moves and leads us.

Then in the early evening Dharna came over for Bible Study and to ask some questions.  It is sometimes hard to realize the love and mercy of Jesus completely after coming from a background where God is feared so much and most blessings are bargained for.

Then in the evening, Ben, a guy from the US came over to visit with some friends.  A common friend told Ben about our ministry.  Ben has taken a year off from work to serve God.  He has been volunteering/ministering in Sierra Leone, London and Kuwait for the past ten or eleven months.  Initially he had thought he might be able to work with us, but the timing isn’t working out.  But, he came over with his friends and we had a nice short time of fellowship.  (Praise Report: One of Ben’s friends, Jojy, has been helpful in trying to find us new land on which to build The Orphanage Project).

At night the neighbor with the eye problem came over for prayer again.

Scripture for the Day:
Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; When he shuts his lips,he is considered perceptive.  Proverbs 17:28.

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