The Twentieth Miracle Meeting

The children had promised to come for tutoring, but did not show up.  So we relaxed in the afternoon.  Suvneet and Kalpana came for Bible study.  We studied about Noah.  Some of the lessons we pulled out from our study of Noah were (1) the Lord can guide us with details and specifics if we ask Him, just as he gave Noah the details of how to build the ark; (2) regardless of what our own understanding tells us, we should trust and obey the Lord just as Noah did even though he had never seen rain before in his life; and (3) the Lord is not constrained by the “laws of nature” as we can see from the fact that the all of the animals lived together in harmony on the ark.

In the evening, we had our twentieth miracle meeting.  Those in attendance were: Mahima, the lady who had dropped by out of the blue last week, Pinky’s sister, Aashima, and Mrs. Agarwal.  Rather than sharing about a particular miracle of Jesus as is normal for Wednesdays, I felt to share about Jesus in general and the message of John 3:16.  But, we also talked about how not only does Jesus save our soul, but He wants to heal our body and give us joy and happiness.

Pinky’s sister testified that the reason she has been coming for prayer is because the Lord has begun to heal her mother.  Her mother had fallen and injured her ears.  The doctors had said the damage to her hearing was permanent and incurable.  After prayer, however, she has begun to regain her hearing.  Praise God!

The lady who had dropped by out of the blue last week said that she too felt a difference after prayer last week.  She felt less depressed and a change in her family situation.

After the meeting we prayed for each of them asking the Lord to complete what He has started.

Scripture for the Day:
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1.

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