The Twelfth Prayer Fellowship

Today we had approximately 30 people for the Sunday morning worship service.  It was our twelfth prayer fellowship.  Those who attended were: Sikander, Satinder, Ajay, Umaid, Nahim, Ramu, Kulbushan, KishanPal, Mahinder, Maharaj Singh & Dad, Sanja, Chanchal, Jagdish, Anita, Akanksha & Mrs. Chauhan, Mahima, Kajal, RajVeer ji, Rajni, Amit, Sarika, RamSingh, Vinod (big), Vinod’s Dad (middle), Roma Bhabhi and Vipli Bhaiya.  We showed the second half of the Jesus movie.  I still cringe whenever I see the depiction of how Jesus was beat, scourged, nailed to the cross and hung to die.  He didn’t have to let any of this happen.  But He chose to.  Because He loves me.  He loves you. 

After the meeting we invited those who wanted to pray that Jesus would come into their hearts to say a short prayer with us.  I think virtually everyone prayed. 

During the service, Satinder, a young boy we had prayed for the last Sunday we were in town before going to Chennai testified.  He had broken his arm and although the doctors had set it, he was unable to move it properly.  He had lost range of motion in his arm.  But, after prayer, he was able to move it and lift it without a problem.  Praise God!  Some of the other children testified that the Lord was helping them with their studies.

After the service, Mr. Gupta, who had come for prayer and received the Holy Spirit a few days before we went to Chennai came with his family for prayer.  He had gone home and told his wife about the Holy Spirit, she had prayed and received the Holy Spirit.  Today, his brother-in-law and son received.  We also prayed for his mother-in-law who has arthritis.  She is completely debilitated due to the arthritis.  As we prayed, she felt some improvement.  But, it was almost as if she was scared of getting better.

After the Guptas had left, we went to the slum area one last time.  As I mentioned above, it has been demolished, and the children told me that by evening, it would be all cleared out.  Anita, one of the little girls who comes for Sunday worship has been asking us to come and pray for her mother who is mentally ill.  Anita told us that she would likely be moving back to the village after this.  So we went to visit Anita’s mom.  When we got there, it was a really sad sight.  Where there had been probably 100 homes, now nothing remained.  We found Anita’s mom and prayed with her, but Anita was no where to be found and the mom was not really interested in prayer.  However, we prayed for some other people with needs.  Then we passed out cookies to the kids that were remaining.  As we were driving away, someone stopped us and asked us when they could come to our home for prayer.  We told them about the Sunday and Wednesday worship services.  

At night an amazing thing happened that once again affirmed to me that Jesus is so real and can do the impossible.  We just have to ask.  He will do the rest…even if we don’t have the faith to believe that what we are asking for will actually come to pass.  I called Ajay, but he didn’t pick up the phone.  Little did I know that at the exact time I called him, he had been sharing with a friend about the power of prayer.  The friend didn’t really believe Ajay’s testimonies.  But, Ajay told him to try it for himself.  So, the friend, who is an alcoholic, decided to ask me to pray that he would stop drinking.  Ajay told the friend to either get prayer before starting to drink or after he was done.  But, the friend finished half a bottle of alcohol and then asked me to pray over the phone.  As we talked over the phone, the friend told me he didn’t think it would work.  But, we prayed.  After prayer, I told Ajay to throw away the remaining alcohol, so as to remove any temptations.  But, Ajay said he didn’t want to get involved.  He wanted Jesus to do it all.  An hour or so later, an excited Ajay called me.  He told me the Lord had performed a miracle.  After prayer, the friend did not finish the bottle of alcohol.  When Ajay asked him about it, he said that he just didn’t even feel like drinking it at all.  So, they poured the alcohol out and left the restaurant!   

Scripture for the Day:
Finally build up your strength in union with the Lord and by means of his mighty power.  Ephesians 6:10.

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