The Thirtieth Prayer Fellowship

During the testimony time, many got up and testified of the Lord’s goodness.  The children have been testifying of how the Lord has been answering their little prayers in studies, weather and electricity.  Jaswinder bhaiya testified that the Lord had really been changing his life.  He had been believing in Jesus for some time, since his wife was delivered of epileptic type seizures.  But, his faith had not been very strong.  Now he has been growing in faith.  When we first met him, he did not have a cell phone.  The very same week the Lord gave him a cellphone.  He is now finding that the Lord is meeting even his little desires and needs.

Mom shared a message on the Beatitudes. 

Afterwards, we spent over an hour praying for the various needs.  God seemed to be touching the people as many aches and pains immediately left. 

After church, we went to pray for Mr. Gulati.  He was in a little pain.  When we prayed for him, he felt the pain alleviate.

In the evening, I prayed for my cousin Shilpi over the phone.  She was experiencing TMJ (a tightening of the jaw).  As we prayed, the pain completely left.  She was amazed. 

Scripture for the Day:
Oh taste ad see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!  Psalm 34:8.

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