The Thirteenth Miracle Meeting

At night, our neighbor with the vision problem came.  As we prayed, he felt his eyes clearing up.  He also felt the Lord release him of tension.

On Thursday, we went to Delhi again.  We went to pray with the lady, Shakuntala Didi, with kidney failure, whom we were unable to pray with on Tuesday.  She is extremely ill.  She has diabetes and kidney failure.  The diabetes has caused blindness.  Her stomach is bloated.  As we prayed, she felt the pain in her side completely disappear.  (She called one week later and said that she felt much better after prayer.)

After praying for Shakuntala Didi, we decided to visit the Priya marketplace to spend some time with the children.  However, when we got there, we couldn’t find any of the children!  They all seemed to have gone home.  We finally spotted two kids.  They seemed to be winding down the day, so we just bought them some dinner and said good-bye.  As we were leaving, we saw some of the children, but they seemed pre-occupied.  It seemed like a wasted trip.  Mom went inside McDonalds to grab me some dinner.  As she was inside, a young man came up to me. 

“You pray for people’s needs, don’t you?” he inquired.

I responded in the affirmative and asked him what he would like prayer for.  He stated his prayer request.  We prayed.  I could feel the power of God.  Another boy came up and asked for prayer.  He had chest pain.  He had apparently inflicted wounds upon himself during a Muslim holiday, and as a result, he had chronic pain.  As we prayed in the name of Jesus, he was amazed to find that the Lord healed his pain completely.  Sure enough, by the time Mom exited McDonalds with my dinner, a small crowd had gathered for prayer.  We prayed for a man who had had chronic back pain for years.  We prayed for a man with a brain tumor.  The power of God was very strong.  We prayed for a man who said he had tension.  But, after we were done praying, he praised God that he no longer felt “high” off drugs and alcohol.  He felt as if he were set free. 

Probably the most memorable person we prayed for on Thursday was a young man wearing a Superman tee-shirt.  He had something wrong with his neck.  He had been to the doctor, who had ordered some tests.  As we prayed, the power of God was all over him.  He fell in the power of God and the Lord completely healed all his pain.

A man who owns a book store at the marketplace, and was healed of a back problem a few weeks back came and presented me with a book about Jesus.  Another man gave us some paan.  It was very sweet.

God kept healing people.  It was amazing.  On our way home, the daughter of the woman with terminal cancer called for prayer.  Her mother was screaming in pain.  As we prayed, the pain subsided and she stopped screaming.  However, the mother is still unwilling to believe or even get prayer.  

On Friday morning, a tailor came over to the house with regard to some clothes we are having him stitch.  Somehow Mom began to testify to him.  He listened intently.  In the afternoon, the children (Nahim, Golu and Vinod) came for tuition.  Vinod is an extremely talented artist.  When he draws, he is so good, it looks like he traced the picture!

Kalpna and Puneet came over for Bible study.  We continued our Bible basics study.

A short while after they left, Mrs. Singhal came over for prayer.  She had rheumatoid arthritis.  As we prayed, she felt only a slight difference.  She seems to only want a complete healing and is reluctant to rejoice over any healing that is less than complete.  We kept telling her to be thankful for whatever the Lord is doing, and to let Him work in His way.   But, she had a hard time understanding that. 

On Friday night, the neighbor with the eye problem came for prayer.  As we prayed, he felt clarity return to his eyes.  We have asked him to come regularly for prayer, regardless of how his eye sight is.  However, he only comes when his eye sight weakens.  Then too, he is always in a rush and hesitant to spend time to hear the word of God.

Saturday was a busy busy day.  First thing in the morning, I got the sad news that the lady with terminal cancer passed away.  A short while later, Sansar Singh ji, a former driver of ours came for prayer.  Whenever he can get away from work and make it to Faridabad, he likes to come over to talk and pray with us.  As we shared with him about the miracles we have been seeing, he asked us to pray for his sinus problem as well.  As Sansar Singh ji was leaving, PP Singh Uncle came for prayer.  PP Singh Uncle is a Sikh whom Mom prayed with on a daily basis over the phone when we were in the US.  Uncle has some sort of a back problem that has caused loss of movement in his right leg.  As a result, Uncle is also very depressed.  As we prayed, he felt like a little movement returned and the pain and stiffness in his back disappeared.  He and his wife have said they will come on Sunday for prayer again during the Sunday service.

The tailor who had come yesterday came again today.  When we was over, he asked for prayer for some family issues.  He said that one of his closest friends is a Christian who is always inviting him to church.  He said he may try to go soon.

As usual the boys came over for tuition.  I love to see their hunger to learn.  Each one had his favorite subject.  Vinod likes Math.  Golu likes English.  Nahim likes Hindi.  Mom bought some phonics books to use while teaching them English.  They are finally starting to memorize the sounds the various letters make.  Nahim is a little behind the other two in English, but he is working hard to catch up.

In the afternoon, Mom and Dad went to visit a cousin of mine in the hospital who has kidney failure.  At first the doctors had said he was going to die in a matter of weeks.  He was too weak to have dialysis.  But, now he is doing better and they will be starting dialysis.  Praise God!

In the evening, we went to a dinner party at my cousin’s home.  We had a good time there. 

Scripture for the Day:
But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.  Acts 7:55.

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