The Sixth Prayer Fellowship

Today was our sixth prayer fellowship.  We had an excellent turn out.  Twenty-two people came – many were people who had come before, but a few were new.  The Chauhans, my cousin Vipli Bhaiya and his wife, Mahima (the maid’s daughter), Mukesh (from upstairs) and Rajni (the other maid) of course attended.  Dharna, a twenty-something, young woman who has been attending Sunday prayer meetings for the past few weeks was also there.  In addition, the boys who had come on Thursday, Kishan Pal, Ajay, Maharaj Singh, Vinod (there are three Vinod’s now, so I will call this one Big Vinod), Golu and Nahim all attended.  They brought with them Pushpind, Vinod (little Vinod) and Mukesh.  Then, two elder men, Raju and Bal Kishan came with two young boys, Vinod (middle Vinod) and Gopal.

Maharaj Singh testified that his father’s shoulder pain was completely healed now (remember we had prayed on Thursday for this).  Bal Kishan asked us to pray for his asthma problem, for a complete healing.  He had been at the slum we went to on Christmas day and had felt a marked difference after prayer.  We prayed for Raju, that the Lord would heal chronic stomach pain that troubles him.    

Today, Mom shared from the Sermon on the Mount.  She talked about how we need to have an aversion to evil, be humble, hunger and thirst after the things of the Lord, have a clean and merciful heart, be peacemakers, and not be afraid of persecution.  If we develop these attitudes, the Lord will bless us.

At the end, we prayed for all of the little boys and they received the Holy Spirit.  It has amazing to see the power of God on these boys.  I noticed it at the slum on Tuesday, and on Thursday too.  When we pray for the boys, the power is so strong, the boys practically fall backwards (they probably would fall if we had catchers).

I was a little sad not to see Ikraam and his friends.  I really like Ikraam.  He is a very cute kid and seems to be quite earnest.  God willing, he will be back.

In the late afternoon, a friend brought his mother, sisters (Anu Didi and Manju Didi) and brother in law for prayer.  My friend’s mother has just been diagnosed with cancer.  The doctors have given her at most a year to live.  It seems the cancer has spread throughout her body.  She is in extreme pain.  As we prayed, she felt relief from the pain.  We also prayed for Anu Didi’s vision.  She felt it get a slight bit better, but as we were praying, she saw a man in white clothes with a beard in front of her.  Later my friend’s mom and Manju Didi received the Holy Spirit.  I am believing God for a complete miracle in Ravi’s mom.

Scripture for the Day:
But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”  Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.  Matthew 8:26.

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