The Sixth Miracle Meeting

At 3:00 PM, as usual, Kalpna and Shikha came for our Thursday Bible Study.  Kalpna’s friend Sonia also came for prayer.  Kalpna has been testifying to Sonia as they go for walks daily.  Last week Sonia noticed that the Lord had healed Kalpna of an ailment she had.  So, just yesterday, Sonia told Kalpna that she wanted to come over for prayer.  Kalpna had told Sonia that she would talk to me on Saturday and get back to her.  Sonia was a little disappointed because she wanted to get prayer sooner.  This morning Kalpna prayed that if the Lord wanted Sonia to have faith then the Lord needed to give Sonia that faith.  After Kalpna was done praying, I called regarding the Bible study.  Kalpna immediately called Sonia who was excited to come.  Sonia had some personal issues we prayed for.  But, in addition she had sprained her wrist and was unable to do any housework.  As we prayed, to her amazement, the pain left.  

During the Bible study, today we began our study about creation.  I first showed them a children’s cartoon about the story of creation and Adam and Eve.  Then we began to study about the origins of sin.  We will continue this study for the next few times we meet.

Then, at 5:15 PM, the children began showing up for our miracle meeting.  First Gopal came.  He is ten years old and in the third grade.  He told me in confidence that his father doesn’t like him to come to prayer meetings, but he came anyway because he wanted to.  When Ajay, Kulbushan, KishanPal and Vinod (middle) came, they told me that Mukesh and Vinod (little) couldn’t come because their mothers told them not to.  But Ajay proudly said that his mother encourages him and his brother to attend our meetings.  As we were waiting, we prayed for arm pain Ajay had.  The Lord healed him.  We waited a bit for the older kids, but then started praise and worship.  As we got into the second song, Nahim, Golu and Vinod (big) came along with Amit, Sarika and Mahima.  The kids love to sing and dance to the Lord.  Then Nahim gave a testimony that his father was having a stomach ache and he prayed for his father who was instantly healed!

In the middle of our service, just as I was about to begin the message, an elderly man, Sukhiram Uncle, came.  He said he was in a hurry, but needed prayer.  He seems to suffer from unbearable migraines.  He was suffering at the time he came.  We prayed.  I have all of the children gather around and pray together.  The Lord completely healed Sukhiram Uncle.  Although he had to leave he said he would return on Sunday with his father-in-law who is suffering from loss of vision.

I shared the message about the man at the pool of Bethesda with the kids.  Then we worshipped some more and spent some time in prayer.  We gave the kids something to eat and sent them home.  Because of the cold weather I don’t like the kids to be over too late.  It gets dark early and many of the kids didn’t have any warm clothes on.  Kulbushan told me that he had washed his sweater and because it wasn’t dry yet, he came wearing only a thin shirt.

Some of the boys have asked me to tutor them with their English.  I told them to come half an hour early on Thursday so I can teach them English. 

Scripture for the Day:
Gracious is the Lord and righteous; Yes, our God is merciful.  Psalms 116:5.

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