The Sixteenth Prayer Fellowship

We had a pretty good turn out.  The lady from Tagulkabad, PhoolKumari, attended again and brought her brothers, Lalit and Rajesh, and Lalit’s friend, Dinesh, with her.  Her brother-in-law, Raju Kumar also came half-way through the service.  The regular children, Chanchal, Jagdish, Ram Singh, Sanja, Vinod, Golu, Nahim, Mahima, Sarika, and Akanksha, attended.  Kajal, Mr. Chauhan, Dharna, Promil Bhaiya and Roma Bhabhi also attended.  The Sikh couple, the Singhs, also came to the meeting.

We learned three new choruses.  Of them, the children liked “Not by Might, Nor By Power,” the best.  I think it was probably because that song has actions that go along with it, while the others do not.

Mom shared a message on Daniel in the Lions Den.  There were four themes she pulled from the story of Daniel that she discussed: (1) We should not be jealous of those who do right; (2) We should not misuse our power by catering to the desires of those who flatter us, but we should contemplate the consequences of our actions; (3) We have no need to fear when praying to the true God; and (4) If we do wrong, we will be punished (but of course, there is forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus).

Afterwards, we prayed for the various needs.  As we prayed for Mr. Singh, he was able to lift his weak leg much higher than he had been able to before.  The Lord touched him and began a healing work in him. 

As we were sharing with those from Tagulkabad, Nahim, Golu and Vinod stuck around.  When we asked the folks from Tagulkabad if they wanted the Holy Spirit, Vinod answered for them, “Of course they do!”  So, they all prayed and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.     

Scripture for the Day:
And they were all amazed at the majesty of God.  Luke 9:43.

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