The Seventh Prayer Fellowship

We started out by praying for Vinod and me because our birthdays are this coming week.  We have decided to say a special prayer on Sundays for whoever’s birthday is in the coming week.  Vinod said his birthday is in January, on Tuesday.  Most of those who attend do not know their actual birthdays.  Some know the day of the week they were born and even the time, but not the month.  So, we are going to have to estimate birthdays for this to work.  This coming Tuesday is also my birthday.  So, the entire fellowship prayed for Vinod and me.

I shared a message about the Holy Spirit, after which we all prayed to receive.  Afterwards Malti Didi said that she has come before and never really felt anything.  But, today she definitely felt something…the power of God.

After the meeting ended, Mrs. Mehta brought her two sisters for prayer.  Her youngest sister, Poonam, received the Holy Spirit when we prayed.      

In the afternoon, we visited one slum.  We went to pass out cookies because my birthday is coming up this week.  The people at the slum were very excited to see us.  As we drove up and started getting out of the car, the kids began calling me, “Didi!  Didi!”  Again we began with singing songs with the kids.  The children, and even the adults, really enjoy singing…especially when we add little actions to the songs.  We were surprised to see that many of the kids remembered the song we had taught them during our last visit.  This time I shared the story of how I became Miss Teen of Washington.  How the Lord miraculously gave me the desires of my heart.  How He turned the impossible around.  Afterwards we prayed for those who have needs.

One lady came up to us and told us that she had had an issue of blood for 10 months and the last time we had visited the slum the Lord had completely healed her!

In the evening I convinced Mom and Dad that we should go see a movie.  But, just as we got in the car and started pulling out of the driveway, several of the kids who had not come for the morning meeting showed up: Vinod (little), Ajay, Pushpind, Mukesh, and a new boy, Kulbushan.  Vinod had had a fever in the morning, so they had not come.  I asked them if they had come for prayer or if they just wanted the sweets we had handed out in the morning.  The kids said they wanted prayer.  So the plans for the movie were cancelled.  Mahima, the maid’s daughter, and Amit and Sarika, the other maid’s children, also joined us.  I did a repeat of the morning service for the kids.  Just as we were ending, Golu, Nahim and Vinod (big) joined us.  So, we spent some more time in prayer and worship.

Many of the kids chew tobacco.  Even the ones who are barely ten years old are addicted.  I told them that they could get tongue cancer if they continue to chew tobacco…which could result in loss of their tongue.  So I told the kids to hold their tongues and try talking.  They realized they sounded foolish.  I told them that this is how the may end up having to talk if the continue to chew tobacco.  So, the kids and I made a deal.  If I buy them chewing gum instead, they will chew the gum and try to give up the tobacco.  I told them that along with their own will power, they also need to pray and ask God to help them.   

Scripture for the Day:
But the work is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.  Deuteronomy 30:14.

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