The Seventh Miracle Meeting

However, I forced myself out of bed for the miracle meeting.  Today was our seventh miracle meeting.  But, before the miracle meeting, we had our first tutoring session for the kids.  As I mentioned before, some of the kids have asked for help with their English.  They study English in school, but because they don’t get a chance to actually practice what they study (their parents generally don’t speak English), they have a hard time grasping it.

Sonu (a new kid) and Kulbushan were the first two to show up for English lessons.  Ajay and Vinod (little) joined shortly thereafter.  Although Ajay recognizes his alphabet, the other were having a difficult time recognizing the letters.  They can read some, but it seem to be more memorization than reading.  Anything their teacher has taught them, they seem to be able to read.  But, they can’t read new words.  They have not been taught how to sound out words phonetically.

Nahim and KishanPal joined us halfway into the lesson.  I decided to see how good their counting skills are.  To my surprise, none of the kids could count past 10 with confidence.  KishanPal can’t even count to two.  So, I began to teach them how to count.  Showing them that after every ten numbers, there is a somewhat repetitive pattern.

After the first tutoring session was over, which was basically just an assessment time, Amit, Sarika, Mahima and Kajal joined us for the prayer meeting.  Kulbushan shared a testimony.  He said that he normally gets “0” marks on his English exams.  But he prayed, and the He got a “9” out of “10.”  He also testified that he got a “10” out of “10” on his Hindi exam.  Ajay testified that he was supposed to count until “20” for his teacher.  He only know how to count until “11.”  So, he prayed and the Lord helped him.

As we were finishing the worship service, Mukesh and Shubam joined us for the message.  Mukesh is the boy who works upstairs.  Shubam is the renter’s son (he is in the sixth grade).  I shared the testimony about how I became Miss Teen of Washington.  The moral was a continuation of the message from Sunday: “Thank the Lord in all things good or bad.  He is in control and can turn any situation around.”

 As we finished up, Shubam asked me to pray for an upcoming exam.  As I laid hands on Shubam and prayed, I could tell that the Lord was touching him.  Afterwards I asked him, “Did you feel something?”  “I felt a vibration run through me,” Shubam replied, a little confused and a little excited.  As Shubam was leaving I told him that I would be happy to share our testimony with him at a later date if he was interested.

About fifteen minutes Shubam showed up again.  He wanted to hear our testimony.  I shared our testimony with him.  He said that he wanted to receive the Holy Spirit.  He told me that he had been observing various miracles when we prayed.  For example, in the summer his mother had come for prayer due to a chronic pain in her foot.  The Lord had completely healed her.  I told Shubam to ask his father if it was okay for him to pray with us because in the past Shubam’s father has expressed some reservations about our faith.  I don’t want anyone to accuse us of confusing or inappropriately luring or tempting children into believing.

Scripture for the Day:
The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills.  Habakkuk 3:19.

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