The Second Prayer Fellowship

Of course in India you always have electricity problems and in the middle the light left!  So then we had to restart the movie and pray that it would work using the inverter (like a power generator).  And it worked.

After the first half of the movie was done playing, Mom and I explained some of the scenes and some of the parables that the people did not understand. 

As soon as the people left and I ate my lunch, Suresh (the one who applies henna in the market) came with a cousin, Preetam.  Suresh and Preetam had been hanging out and Suresh invited him to come to our house, not telling him anything about us.  I began to share our testimony and realized that like many others, Preetam had never even heard of Jesus and had no idea what a church was.  As I was sharing, Preetam began to tell me about his life as well.  His family had married him off at a very young age.  He didn’t have any children.  He was never able to complete anything he started.  He said that he often felt depressed and like his life was without meaning.  I told him that Jesus could give hope and purpose and meaning to his life.  Preetam said he would think about what I had shared and come back on Monday.

A little while later, the young woman, Neelam Didi (who had been healed of sinus problems in September) came by with her children Vibhuti and Chirag.  We prayed for each of them and spent some time answering questions.  Neelam Didi wanted to know if Jesus was the only way.  She wanted to know if she put her faith in Jesus, would that mean forsaking all other Gods.  We were honest with her.  She agreed that it made sense.  We were surprised to hear that she had read the entire New Testament cover to cover since we had given it to her in September.  As we talked with her, you could sense that she had a hunger to know more about the Lord. 

Scripture for the Day:
13 Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.  14 That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.  2 Timothy 1:13-14.

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