The Second Prayer Fellowship

I wasn’t sure how many people would show up, but we had an even better turn out than the week before.  The Chauhan family came.  Mr. Mehta brought the Dutta family (husband, wife and daughter).  Rajveer (the driver), Kajal (the maid) and her daughter, Mahima, also attended.  My cousin Promil Bhaiya, his wife and my nephew, Sukrit, also attended.  My cousin Vipli Bhaiya and his wife also attended.

Afterwards we prayed for the various needs.  One young girl has epilepsy.  We prayed for her and she received the Holy Spirit.

As we ended the prayer meeting, my cousin’s landlord’s wife and son (Anirudh) came with some other relatives (a little boy, Jai, and his mom).  Each one had different needs.  We prayed for Jai, that the Lord would help him with his studies.  He also received the Holy Spirit.  He was quite happy when we were done.  We also prayed for Jai’s mom who had a skin allergy.  Before she left, she said she felt as if her skin had already improved.  We prayed for Anirudh because he had a lump on the side of his neck.  It had been there for some time and the mother felt like the lump was affecting Anirudh’s voice.  As we prayed, to our amazement, the lump began to shrink until Anirudh said he could not feel it anymore.  Then we prayed for Anirudh’s mom.  She had a lump in her chest that had been troubling her for 2 years.  As we prayed, she felt the lump and the pain disappear!   

Chanchal, the girl who had wanted prayer for her marriage called.  Within two days, they have found a match.  She wanted prayer that things would work out.

The rest of Sunday was pretty relaxing.  My cousins took us out to dinner and a movie.  We saw a movie called, “Mr. ya Miss.”  It is about a womanizing guy who dies and God sends him back to earth as a woman to teach him to respect women.  It was quite enjoyable.  Just a light-hearted comedy.  The kind you don’t have to think about while watching.

Scripture for the Day:
Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.  Romans 2:1.

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