The Ninth Prayer Fellowship

We had approximately thirty people at the fellowship today.  Many of them were people who have come before, which is a good sign.  There were a few new faces however, as well.  And some missing faces.  I missed seeing Ikraam and his friends.  The kids seem to enjoy it when they come, but perhaps it is too far for them to come on cold days?  I am not sure of the reason they come only sporadically, but we will keep praying for them.

Mom shared more from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  One of the themes she touched upon during the meeting was that rather than gathering wealth here on earth, it is more important to gather wealth in Heaven.  And to do that, we need to pray and do good deeds.  So, we put forth a challenge to everyone there.  Everyone needs to do at least one good deed this week.  To reinforce the message, we passed out Gold Coins (chocolate ones of course!) to all of the children and said that the coin will remind them that they need to accumulate wealth in Heaven.

Just as the meeting ended, Ajay, Gyanu and Vinod (little) showed up.  Then we prayed for the various needs.  As we prayed, Sheela Didi (the lady with a congenital cataract) felt her vision improve even more.  Several kids felt the Lord take away pain.  The most amazing pain healings to me for some reason are the ones where you can see swelling or a bruise and the pain leaves.  It reminds me of the prison.  Once D’Angelo and I were praying.  He had a huge bruise on his hand.  As we prayed first the pain left, and then the bruise began to shrink and fade.  D’Angelo totally freaked out :o )

Later in the afternoon, several new kids showed up: Sangeeta, Hemlata, Sukhmat, Vijay, Sushil, Manisha (little), and Kailaash.  They are from the same slum area as Ikraam.  I was glad to see that a majority were girls (I have nothing against boys, but I have been praying that the Lord will bring more girls to the fellowship, we have a predominantly male fellowship right now).  They happily learned the worship songs.  Then I shared with them about Jesus, His love, His sacrifice, and His gift of eternal life.  I was actually surprised at how intently the children listened.  I can still See Kailaash’s big eyes as he listened to the Gospel for the very first time.  He was on the edge of his seat the entire time.  At the end, we prayed for the various needs and gave the kids each a Gold Coin and shared with them the challenge of doing a good deed this week.  As the kids were leaving, they promised to return.    

In the evening, the lady with cancer whom we have been praying for called.  She was experiencing extreme pain and swelling in her mouth and throat.  We prayed and the pain left.  She slowly began to feel the swelling reduce as well.  Praise God!

Scripture for the Day:
No one is holy like the Lord, for there is none besides You, nor is their any rock like our God.  I Samuel 2:2.

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