The Kids are Back

Today Amit 2, Sarika, Mahima, Jagan, Nahim and Amit came for tutoring.  They all came at different times, so we spent a lot of time tutoring.  But, we have noticed that they all need individualized attention, so it was okay. 

Then, as usual for Tuesdays, we went to the slum in Ashram for prayer.  Even though we were not passing out cookies today, a nice group of kids gathered for prayer.  Many of them were not the regulars.  But, they enjoyed learning the worship songs, singing and dancing with us.  A lot of women came for prayer.  And many of them brought their ill children.  It seems a flu bug is going around.  Countless kids were brought with fevers.  One little boy, Luvleen, got prayer for fever and a headache.  It was amazing.  The first time we prayed for him, he was burning up.  A few minutes his brother brought him for prayer again, and he no longer felt hot.  One brave man came forward for prayer (most of them just watch and do not come forward).  He had been experiencing a back problem for several years.  He said medicine was not helping.  As we prayed, to his amazement, the pain completely left.  Afterwards I overheard him telling another man, “When she touched me, I felt this immense heat go from her hand into my back and the pain left!”

I just found out my sister and brother might be coming to see us for a few weeks!

Scripture for the Day:
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God.”  Luke 9:60.

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