The Fourth Prayer Fellowship

Mom shared the message on Sunday.  She shared about the character of God and said that in order to ensure that they are only worshiping God, people should make sure that who they are worshipping has all of the characteristics discussed.  Here we have come across people who worship many people and things that are not God, without really thinking about it.  For example, one lady told us that she worships her grandfather because he was a “very good man.”  She believes he keeps watch over her.  At the same time she agreed that one should only worship God.  As we talked with her, she slowly realized that her grandfather, although he is worthy of respect, is not worthy to be prayed to.

We had planned a youth meeting for the afternoon, but again things didn’t go as planned.  One by one, all of the youth called and made excused for not being able to come. 

The one thing that can be frustrating at times is that people are not reliable.  You can never tell who is going to actually show up and who is not going to show up.  Many people will say, “I will come on Sunday.”  But, of those, very few actually do come.  I guess uncertainty is good…right?  It makes things interesting.

Since the youth meeting didn’t happen, I decided to go and drive by the area slums to get an idea of where we would be doing the Christmas outreaches I am planning.  The family tried to discourage me, but I have told them, I am going to do this.  The Bible says, “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel.”  We have been sitting at home and expecting people to come to us.  But the Bible commands us to be the ones to “go.”  So, I have been feeling for a while that we need to go out and do something and not complacently wait for things to happen.  I have been feeling like we need to reach out the area slums, with the love of Jesus.  So, we are going to area slums to pass out cookies to the kids.  If we get a chance to testify to and pray with the people, great.  If not, that is okay too.  The plan is simply to reach out and say, “We love you in the love of the Lord.”  We are thinking of going to small slums (with five to ten houses) on Friday and then to a big slum (with hundreds of houses) on Saturday.

December 19th and 20th were pretty uneventful days as far as the ministry is concerned.  But, I am anticipating the rest of the week, through Christmas, will be quite busy.  On the 19th I went to Delhi with my nephew and his fiancée.  We shopped for Christmas presents for all of the people who work at out house and for Mukesh and Chotu.  We went to a fancy Chinese restaurant for lunch.  To my surprise, they had Jasmine tea…my favorite.  It reminded me of all my lunches at Wild Ginger.

On Monday, Chotu had another testimony.  He had a test in school.  So, he came down to ask me to pray for him.  Since I wasn’t there, he asked mom if she would pray for him before he went to school (he attends afternoon classes).  But, as the day progressed, he was running late and didn’t have time to come and have mom pray for him.  So, as he sat in the exam, he began praying for himself.  He wasn’t prepared…again.  He began praying, repeating the hymns he had learned at the prayer fellowship on Sunday under his breath.  His teacher asked him what he was doing, talking to himself.  He told the teacher, “I am trying to take this test.”  He closed his eyes and prayed.  His friend asked him, “Are you sleeping in the middle of the test?”  Chotu answered, “Yes.  You should sleep too.”  When there were only five minutes left to finish the test, Chotu opened his eyes and began to fill in the answers.  It was amazing.  It was as if God was giving him all of the answers! 

Chotu excitedly came home and told mom about this latest miracle.  Mom praised the Lord with Chotu, but then explained to him that he did need to study also.  He shouldn’t just slack off and then expect Jesus to bail him out every time. 

On The Orphanage Project front, we again went to look at some land on the 20th.  However, the land was not very good and was way too far.  To get land in the price range we are looking for, it seems that we will have to look for land nearly 2 hours away from home.  But, the only problem is that if we go that far, we actually enter a different state.  People say that it may be difficult to find students to attend a good school in that area.  Please do continue to pray about the land situation.

Scripture for the Day:
You shall therefore keep His statutes and His commandments which I command you today, that it may go well with you and with your children after you, and that you may prolong your days in the land which the Lord our God is giving you for all time.  Deuteronomy 4:40.

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