The Fourth Miracle Meeting

In the afternoon, Rushmi and Kamna came over, along with a friend, Yogesh.  We shared our testimony with them and prayed for Yogesh.  Rushmi said that ever since prayer on Monday, all of the tension she had been feeling had completely left.  Praise God!

At 5:00 PM, the boys from the slums were supposed to come for the fifth miracle prayer fellowship.  However, no one showed up.  I kept looking out the french doors towards the gate.  Mom said, “Your looking at the gate is not going to cause the children to show up.  They will come if they will come.”  I began to pray and ask the Lord to intervene and bring the boys.  It could not have been a fleeting thing.

Suddenly at 5:45 PM, Kajal came and told me that some children were at the gate to see me.  In came Maharaj Singh, Kishan Pal and his brother Ajay.  They told me others were on their way.  A few minutes later Nahim came.  He said Golu and Vinod had been with him, but had turned away at the last minute, but would be coming.  At 6:00 PM, when all of the boys had come, and Mahima had also joined us, we started the meeting.

We sang some worship songs.  Then, because these boys had missed the sermon on Sunday, we shared the Sunday sermon with them, about the story of Jesus and the purpose behind His sacrifice.  The kids were surprised that getting forgiveness for our sins can be as easy as asking Jesus for forgiveness and believing in the sacrifice He gave for us.  They eagerly prayed and asked the Lord for forgiveness and thanked Him for His giving His life for them. 

There is something special about Nahim.  The earnestness with which he prays…the sincerity with which he listens and takes in every word…he is unlike the other children.

I also am developing a special spot in my heart for Maharaj Singh.  He is only about 10-13 years old.  But, he doesn’t have a mother (or at least she does not live with them).  So, instead of going to school, he takes care of the home and cooks for his father and brother.  But, Maharaj Singh told me that he has a desire to study.  So, I told him we will have to work something out. 

After the service, we gave the boys some sweets and coke.  We also gave them each and orange to take home.

As the boys left, the girl who had recognized me at the slum on Sunday and a friend came for prayer.  Then, at night, the neighbor who has poor vision and his daughter came for prayer.  Mom and Dad spent a lot of time discussing what true faith in Jesus means in terms of worshiping other Gods.  Many people want to add Jesus to their list of Gods to worship.  But Jesus says He is the only way.

Scripture for the Day:
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  John 4:16.

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