The Fourteenth Prayer Fellowship

People actually began showing up over an hour before service was to start.  Our driver had told a family about the power of prayer, so a man, two women, a young girl (Kajal) and a baby came.  The women had various aches and pains that we prayed for.  As we prayed, they felt relief.  They decided to stay for the service.

Jagdish, Mahinder, Ram Singh, Chanchal and Sanja came early as usual.  We have bought some children’s movies that are dubbed in Hindi for the kids to watch, because they tend to show up an hour before service.  So, we turned on Stuart Little for the kids to watch.  They enjoyed that.

I shared a message about our value in God’s eyes.  I started by holding up a 20 rupee note and asking how many people wanted the 20 rupees.  At first, everyone thought it was a trick, so no one raised their hand.  Once I assured them it was no trick, everyone raised their hands.  Then I proceeded to crumple the 20 rupee note.  Again I asked who wanted the 20 rupees.  Again everyone raised their hands.  I threw the 20 rupee note on the floor and asked Mahima to step on it.  Again I asked who wanted the 20 rupees.  Again everyone raised their hands.  Then I explained, just as the 20 rupee note does not lose its value despite being crumpled or soiled, similarly we do not lose our value in God’s sight despite anything we have done or others have done to us.

Using the story of David and Goliath as an illustration, we went on to discuss how God looks beyond our outward appearance or physical characteristics.  We discussed how God finds value in us and can use us to do great and mighty things regardless of how small we may feel.

At the end we had each of the children a 1 rupee coin (it would have been unfair to hand one child the 20 rupee note) and told the kids to always remember that they have value in God’s sight.

After church, we prayed for the various needs of the children and God healed them all.

After service was over Ajay and Vinod (small) came by to collect their one rupee and sweets.

In the afternoon, a friend from Delhi brought a family over for prayer.  The husband had been believing in Jesus for three years, but was then disillusioned by the church he was attending and backslid.  The twelve year old daughter is suffering from seizures, but the doctors cannot seem to figure out what is wrong.  We prayed with the family for deliverance.  The young girl prayed for and received the Holy Spirit.  The parents told us basically that even if Jesus heals the girl, they do not want to believe in Jesus.  But, they are willing to go anywhere and try anything for her healing.

At night, Mr. Mehta’s maid and her nephew came over.  I had prayed with her over the phone for her son on one occasion.  She said she had been wanting to come over for some time.  They both wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They prayed and received.

Scripture for the Day:
Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed.  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29.

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