The Fourteenth Miracle Meeting

On Thursday Nahim, Golu and Vinod came over for tuition.  They told me that on Wednesday, after they had left to go home after the prayer meeting, some policemen stopped them and asked them where they were coming from.  The boys told the policemen that they were coming from a prayer meeting.  The policemen said they wanted prayer too.  So, the boys invited them to come on Sunday or Wednesday next week.

During tuition, we have started to do speed tests in order to improve their math skills.  It is also fun for them, because there is competition involved.  They compete to see who will finish the hundred math problems first.

Also, Mr. Gupta’s mother (the one with rheumatoid arthritis called).  She said that she has been sleeping better.  The lady whom we had prayed for with kidney problems also called.  She said that she is feeling much better as well.  Mr. Singh also came over for prayer.  He is feeling a difference in his back.  The stiffness is less.  Khan bhaiya also is feeling better in his hand, but we prayed again that the pain would completely leave.

In the afternoon, the weirdest thing happened.  A couple from New York came over.  We do not know them.  They don’t know us.  But, they feel that God wants us to come to New York and conduct a three day conference.  We were a little hesitant because we don’t want to be in the US for so long.  We only want to be gone three Sundays.  But, because the couple was so adamant that they believed it is God’s will that we come to New York the weekend of June 2, we agreed to pray about it.  As we prayed, we felt like God does want us to go to New York.  So, we have extended our trip to the US by one week.

In the evening, we had a get together with my mom’s side of the family.  It was a fun time. 

Scripture for the Day:
And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people.  And they were all with one accord in Solomon’s Porch.  Acts 5:12.

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