The First Prayer Fellowship

Mom prayed.  Just as we began the worship service, my other cousin, his wife and my little nephew showed up and joined in.  As we got to the third song, a family of three from a nearby basti (slum area) showed up.  The husband, Mr. Chauhan had first come for a prayer meeting on September 11.  He was suffering from kidney failure.  He was on dialysis twice weekly.  We had prayed with him and he had felt much better.  The pain had immediately left his body.  The Chauhan family had continued to come for prayer meetings for one month after that, while my sister had been in India.  He had gone back to the doctors for tests and he said that all his tests showed normal results.  He was now only going for dialysis once a week and the doctors told him they were slowly taking him off the medicines.  Praise God!

As I was winding up the message, another cousin of mine showed up.  Also, Sonali and a friend joined the prayer meeting.  Just as the meeting ended and we began to pray for people, Suresh (the guy who applies henna in the market) and his uncle Ramesh came. 

I basically re-shared the entire message with Ramesh Uncle and Sonali’s friend, Surbhi.  Ramesh Uncle had never heard about Jesus before.  Suresh and him had been working a wedding the night before and had gone to bed late.  When they woke up Suresh asked his Uncle if he would like to come and meet me.  Ramesh Uncle knew nothing about me, but agreed.  Surbhi, on the other hand, knew a little bit, from what Sonali had told her, but she did not really know much about Jesus either.

Both Ramesh Uncle and Surbhi prayed and received the Holy Spirit when we were done.  Ramesh Uncle cannot read much, but he took a copy of a book that summarizes and simplifies the Bible, promising to read it.  Surbhi and Sonali said they would return on Monday with another friend. 

As I finished eating lunch, a lady who had been healed of a sinus problem in September came with her little daughter, Vibhuti.  The lady had been experiencing some sinus problems again and her daughter has a tonsil problem.  They didn’t stay long, but we prayed for them.

Then, in the evening, two of the women from the Mehta family came for prayer.  The matriarch of the family told us that after prayer, her eyes had improved.  Earlier she had always seen a black spot wherever she looked.  Now the black spot had disappeared!  We had a good time of fellowship together.   

Scripture for the Day:
18  The Lord knows the days of the upright, and their inheritance shall be forever.  19  They shall not be ashamed in the evil time, and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.  Psalms 37:18-19.

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