The End of January

Today we went to the slum in Delhi (Sri Niwas Puri) as is normal for Tuesdays.  We went a little earlier than usual.  When we got there, none of the regular children came and gathered around us.  Some of the older boys were playing cricket.  A few of the younger children were roaming about.  I called out to one little girl and asked her her name.  She said her name was Pooja.  I asked Pooja how old she was.  She said she was 2 years old.  I asked her if she wanted to sing a song with me.  She said, “Yes.”  She was so little, I didn’t expect her to know what we were doing, but when I began to sing, she began to perform all of the actions I had taught the children.  It was so cute!  Slowly, other children began to join us.  Pooja’s grandfather listened intently and encouraged her to participate.  Once a good crowd of children had gathered and we had sung many songs, I shared the pencil parable with the children.  Then we sang more songs and prayed for those with needs.  As usual, the Lord performed countless miracles.

Gurjeet, a little boy who is very interested in what we are doing, but isn’t sure if it is “cool” enough to be associated with, came forward for prayer.  The Lord has healed many of his ailments in the past.  Today one of his eyes was hurting.  We prayed and the Lord healed him completely. 

A lady came up to me.  She told me that we had prayed for her sick daughter last time.  Her daughter had had a fever that wouldn’t leave for a long time.  The lady said that she had tried everything.  Doctors had prescribed medicines and many faith healers had prayed for her, but all to no avail.  But, she said that after we had prayed, she had gone home and laid her hands on her daughter and said, “In the name of Jesus, be healed!” just as I had told her to do.  Immediately her daughter was healed!  The lady told me that she had told many more people about the miracle and they all wanted prayer now too.  She said, “Since that day, I believe.”  She said she would come back and learn more about this Jesus who had healed her daughter.

Meanwhile, Mom went to the same home she had gone to last week to talk to and pray with the people. 

After the slum, we rushed around Delhi and did a bunch of errands.  We had to be back home by 7:00 PM, so we had about 2 hours in which to run all of our errands.  Praise God!  We were able to complete everything, with time to spare.

When we got home, a man from the New Delhi YMCA came over with a friend, Mr. Gupta, who has been expressing some interest in knowing more bout Jesus.  We shared our testimony with Mr. Gupta.  He carefully listened to every word.  Then he asked, “Believing in Jesus, the whole point is for spiritual cleansing right?”  I answered and explained to him that although the Lord cleanses us from within, that is not all He wants to do for us.  He wants to help us in all things.  He wants to be a part of every aspect of our lives.  He is also a practical God who helps us with our day to day activities.  We shared with Mr. Gupta about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  He prayed, and received!  When he left, he took a Bible to read and learn more about this Jesus who was blessing him.

At night, an old man called on the phone.  He had several ailments.  He had not slept for three days.  Mom prayed with him over the phone and asked him to over if he could for prayer in person.

Just as I was about to go to bed, I got a call from my friend Ravi.  He said in a rush he had gotten married yesterday and his wedding reception was tomorrow.  He insisted that we attend. 

Scripture for the Day:
For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.  I Corinthians 11:26.

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