The Eleventh Miracle Meeting

My cousin’s wife, Babli Bhabhi called mom to testify.  She is amazed.  She said that her sleep problem is completely healed.  On Wednesday, not only did she sleep during the night, but she even took a nap during the day!  She has not been able to do that in ages.

On Thursday we went to my mom’s sister’s house to spend the afternoon with her.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon.  We shared and prayed and just spent “family time” together. 

The man who has been calling from the Priya market for prayer said he has government contacts and will possibly be able to help us if needed when the time comes to start building the orphanage, etc.

A few weeks ago we had prayed for a young woman, Farah, over the phone.  She has cancer.  Today I found out that the Lord has really been working in her.  She has been recovering faster than anticipated. Praise God!

On Friday, Nahim, Golu and Vinod came for tuition.  They are slowly becoming dedicated students.  The come almost every day and spend a few hours learning math, English, Hindi, and art.  Once the new school year starts for them, we have told them that we will tutor them in all their school subjects.

My nephew Puneet also came for prayer and a Bible study.  He is hungry to know more about the Lord.  Although he has kind of been believing for some time, he is finally coming to a point where he wants to move forward in the Lord.  He is tired of remaining in a stagnant place.  He is still studying (wanting to pursue a masters in business administration or something similar).  But, on the side he has begun a small business in which he sells shirts.  As he was praying for his business, the Lord spoke to him and told him that He will expand Puneet’s business.

On Saturday, again the boys came for tuition.  It is fun teaching them because they learn very quickly.  They have a hunger for knowledge.  Teaching Nahim can be a bit frustrating at times.  He has an excellent memory.  So, he remembers whatever you show him, generally.  But, he hates to concentrate.  So, if you try to teach him something that is not rote memorization, he has a hard time.  Right now he seems to have a mental block regarding the letters “g, h, i, j, k, l” and “u, v” in the alphabet.  He just can’t seem to recognize them or remember them.  Everytime he comes to a letter he does not know, his first guess is, “r.”

Dharna and Puneet came over for separate Bible studies.  Dharna was curious to know what a Bible study is.  Puneet wants to meet every day if possible to grow more in the Lord.

Scripture for the Day:
All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.  John 1:3.

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