The Eighth Prayer Fellowship

We began the first meeting with my cousin Vipul and his wife, Rajni (one of the maid’s) and three little children, Amit, Sarika, and Mahima.  But, just as we began worship, the Chauhan family came.  A short while later, Ekraam (the eleven year old boy from a neighboring slum) showed up as promised, with three friends, Sanjay, Sanju and Arkam.  Then BalKishan Bhaiya showed up with Sunita Didi (the lady who had come last Sunday with the skin problem) and three little boys, Mahindra, Ram Singh and Ram Chandra.  Then Nahim came, followed shortly by Vinod (big), Ajay, Vinod (middle) and Kulbushan.  Then my other cousin Promil, his wife, Sukrit (my nephew) and the family who had come for prayer on Saturday came (Mr. HL Jain, Nisha Didi and Neha).  Kajal the other maid also joined us.  Before the message started, Irfaan (Ekraam’s elder brother) came with two friends, Om Prakash and Tara Chand.  Near the end, to my surprise, Vinod (small), whose mother had told him not to come, showed up with KishanPal.  So in the first meeting, we had 35 people in all.

I shared a message on thanksgiving.  The premise of the message was trusting God and His word that states, “All things work together for good to them that love God.”  If we truly believe that all things work together for our good then we should not worry or complain when things don’t seem to be going quite as planned.  Instead, we should continue to thank Him because He is in control.  We need to trust Him.  We are only looking at the short term.  The Lord knows the long term and will work all things together for our good.  I challenged the people to continuously thank God in all things this week, whether they appear to be good or bad. 

During the meeting I had Nahim testify about how he had prayed for his father’s stomach ache and the Lord had healed it.  I encouraged all the people to begin to pray for various needs they have during the week and they will see miracles.  Mr. Chauhan testified that his test results have all come out normal (he had kidney failure and was on dialysis, but the Lord has been healing him).  He just has a few more tests that need to be run.

After the meeting, we prayed for the various needs.  Sunita Didi got prayer again for her skin.  Her skin has cleared up a lot since last week, so we are looking to God to perfect the miracle He has started.  BalKishan Bhaiya said that the Lord is making life easier in general.  His problems don’t seem as big with the Lord on His side.  Some of the kids got prayer for various aches and pains.  The Lord healed them.

Just as the meeting was ending and we were beginning to pray for those with various needs, a group of women and children showed up, sixteen in all.  There were four women, Teeja, Phulwati (Kulbushan’s mom), Sheela and Saki.  The children were, Siama, Chator, Rahul, Vinita, Kumvaar, Teeja (Kulbushan’s sister), Anita, Dhankumar (also known as Dhanto), Davind, Ram Kumari, Brij Kumari, and ChandKali.  Mahindra, Ram Singh and Vinod (little) also joined us. 

As I began to minister to the women, Mom talked with the Jain family (Mr. HL Jain, Nisha Didi and Neha) about the Holy Spirit.  Mr. HL Jain prayed and received the Holy Spirit.  He asked for a Bible before leaving.  This family lives in Rajasthan, so we may never see them again.  But I pray that the Lord will continue to work in them.

I taught the women and children who showed up a few worship songs.  The kids especially enjoyed the ones with actions.  Then I shared with them the story of Jesus and the plan of salvation.  The women listened very carefully.

Afterwards, we prayed for those with needs.  Sheela Didi has a cataract on one eye from birth.  As we prayed, her vision in that eye improved.  Saki Didi and Phulwati Didi had pains that the Lord healed.  The girls all had various needs and were shocked as the Lord began to touch them.

Anita’s mom has lost her mind.  I told Anita we will try and come to her slum to pray with her mom and cast out the Spirit that is oppressing her.

It was amazing to have so many people attend the services today.  However, I pray that the Lord will continue to work in each and every one of them.  I don’t want this to be a one time thing.  I want the Lord to work in them and for each of them to make a true commitment to Him.  Many people seem to come until they get healed or receive whatever they were praying for, but then we never see them again.  I pray that these people will not be like them.    

Scripture for the Day:
In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  I Thessalonians 5:18.

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