The Eighteenth Miracle Meeting

Kalpna, Shikha and Dharna came over for Bible study.  We began a study on the topic: God’s Will vs. Man’s Will.  It was interesting to discuss how if God knows everything, and everything is in His control, can man go against His will?  It is such a broad topic that we just brushed the surface.  But we studied about different people in the Bible who had the choice whether or not to follow God’s will.  We studied how their choice led to blessing or sadness.

In the evening, we went to my Uncle’s house for dinner.  My cousin is finishing up medical school and was by for a visit.  We haven’t seen her in maybe three years.  She is grown so much.  She is a doctor now :o )  I remember how we used to run from her because she liked to bite!

Tuesday we went to the slum in Ashram as usual.  It has become very hot.  As you are in the open, you can feel the sun burn your skin.  Often in the heat, my head begins to spin.  Even when you are lucky and the breeze blows, it is a warm breeze.  If it is already so hot, I wonder what the temperature will be like when we return in June.  June and Jul;ly are normally the hottest months. 

The children gathered around and we sang songs and worshiped together.  People began coming for prayer from the beginning.  We prayed for various aches and pains and for children that they would be able to concentrate on their studies.  The little girl, Sunita, came smiling.  She said that her eyes are completely healed now.  She looked different…happier, more relaxed.  Later, as we were leaving, Sunita’s mom came to meet us.  She said that her daughter had brain fever, which resulted in the eye problem.  She was thankful to Jesus for healing her daughter.  She said, “Because He has healed my daughter, I want to walk on the same path that you are walking on,” (meaning, she wants to believe in Jesus).  She asked about what church she should attend.  I don’t know of any church in the area, so I told her I would tell her upon my return from the US.

As we were leaving, we decided to pass out packets of cookies.  When we decided to do this, children began appearing from every nook and cranny.  Soon, we were over-run with children.  It was sad to leave the slum knowing that it may very well not exist when we return, and even if it exists, many of the people may be gone (aside from the threat of the slum being torn down, it is also experiencing a water shortage, and if the water is not available, people will have no choice but to leave). 

After the slum, we ran around running all of our different errands.  Rajveer ji called and said that he has been pain free all day.  Praise God! 

Then, on our way back home to Faridabad, we stopped at Kalpna’s aunt’s home to pray for her.  By the time Mom and I arrived home, we were exhausted!

Today we were on the go all day.  In the morning, Kajal (the maid), came and sat down in my room saying that she felt sick.  She was nauseous, had a headache, and just felt “blech!”  It seemed as if she was coming down with the flu that many people have been getting.  As we prayed, in just a matter of seconds, all of her symptoms were gone and she began to smile.  She was completely healed and in the evening, she kept marveling at God’s healing power.  Being in the house, she sees God’s healing power all of the time, but I think it is more real when you experience it, not just see it.  In the evening, she got prayer for a pulled muscle and God healed the pain from that as well.

In the early afternoon, we went to Pinky’s house.  She is the young woman whose father disappeared a year ago (he is an elderly man, and they have no reason to believe he purposefully ran away).  We prayed for the father’s return, as well as the health and happiness of the family.  The entire family is under a lot of stress and is falling apart.  The mother has a variety of ailments.  They are afraid to believe in anything right now, but they are trying to give Jesus a chance.

After that we rushed home to see Vinod and Nahim leaving.  They had come for tuition, but because we were not there, they were leaving.  But, we stopped them, and Mom taught them. 

It was also time for Bible study with Kalpna and Shikha.  We continued the study from Monday.  We have decided that upon my return, we will start a chronological study through the entire Bible.  Through the Bible in six months!

Then, I prayed and prepared for the evening prayer meeting.  I felt like I was supposed to speak from Acts 3, the healing of the man by the gate Beautiful.  But, I kept second guessing what I was hearing from the Lord.  Plus, Vinod and Nahim had already heard that message.  They said they were going to attend the meeting, so I didn’t want to do a repeat.  So, I prepared a fresh message on the Lord healing the widow’s dead son. 

We had the eighteenth miracle meeting today.  Those who attended were: Two sisters from Delhi, the lady with cancer and her husband, Mrs. Agarwal, Aashima, Arpit and his friend Robin, Sarika, Amit and Mahima.  Nahim and Vinod did not attend, and God prompted me again to share from Acts 3, so I did, although I was not prepared.

After the meeting we prayed for all those with needs.  The two sisters from Delhi have arthritis and thyroid problems.  As we prayed, they felt the stiffness and pain leave.  The lady with cancer felt all of the pain leave as we prayed.  She also had numbness in her hand and foot which she felt the Lord healing.  We prayed for a complete healing from the cancer.  Arpit and Robin asked for prayers for an upcoming college entrance exam. 

As the meeting was ending, another family, the Vaskars showed up.  Someone shared with them about us, so they came for prayer.  Doctors are afraid the elderly father may have cancer.  So we prayed against that.  We also prayed for the husband’s hypertension and diabetes and the wife’s eye problem and join pain.  We shared with them about salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but they said they would think about it.  As we were finishing up praying with them, a lady who sometimes comes for prayer, Neelam and her kids came.  Neelam Didi was healed of sinus problems in September.  She said had felt her nose running for two days, so we prayed against the sinusitis.

Finally, after all of that, and praying for Kajal again, the day was over.

Khan bhaiya testified that his hand pain is completely healed.  He said he recently noticed that his elbow pain and knee pain have also been healed.  The Lord is good.  Now he has been having an eye problem, but today, he said that that is feeling much better also, after prayer.  Praise God!  

Scripture for the Day:
I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard see, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.  Mathew 17:20.

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