SurajKund Ka Mela

On Saturday we went to a crafts fair (Surajkund ka Mela).  It is an annual crafts fair that occurs in February and is one of the biggest such fairs in the area.  The theme this year was Maharashtra State.  We arrived early in order to beat the rush.  When we arrived, the parking lot was still fairly empty.  When we left a few hours later, the parking lot was jam packed. 

I have put pictures in the gallery, because I think your seeing firsthand is better than me trying to describe what I saw using words.

The fair basically comprised of an extensive number of stalls with clothing, jewelry, linen, trinkets, furniture, and decoration pieces.  Although the theme was Maharashtra State, the crafts really were from all over India.  Some of the woodwork was amazing.  The intricate carving was breathtaking.  There were beautiful kites that skilful artisans had handcrafted with pretty designs.  Clothing was available in all sorts of silks and embroidery.  My favorite craft in the entire fair was artwork that combined statues of village folk with glass to make tables.  It is hard to describe, but you can see the picture in the gallery. 

There was also a food court with various types of food.  Although I was tempted to try all sorts of things, I refrained myself because I didn’t want to get ill. 

And every few feet, there were performers, entertaining the people with dances, songs, and amazing feats.  There was a man dressed like a monkey that was amusing the children.  Another man balanced a clay pot on his head and danced around.  He also balanced himself on two swords and a bed of nails.  Other young women twirled around in elaborate costumes, performing folk dances.  A group beat on huge drums while the fair-goers joined in the fun by dancing to the beat of the drums.  All of a sudden a procession ran through the fair with horns and drums and colorful ribbons…some dignitary had obviously arrived.  A man walking on stilts posed for a picture with a tiny child.  Performers dressed in costumes mingled with those passing by.  A woman held a sword between her teeth as she twirled from side to side playing the symbols and balancing pots on her head.

What did I buy at the fair?  I bought a few wood stamps and a cloth to make a Punjabi salwaar kameez.

In the evening Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she rested.  I went to the market to purchase supplies for our tutoring classes.  The kids do not have paper or pencils in general.  So, I bought pads of paper and posters with the alphabet and numbers on them.

At night the tailor mom had testified to a few days ago came over.  He told us that he has a lump in his throat that he is afraid may be cancer.  We prayed for him.  Please pray that the Lord heals him completely.  He will come back tomorrow again.          

Scripture for the Day:
31 So Jesus said to those who believed in him, “If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples; 32 you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:31.

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