Sunita’s Vision

As we finished with that, Dharna came over for prayer.  She has been feeling like roadblocks come up in everything she tries to do.  We prayed that the Lord would remove and hindrances and roadblocks.

At night, I was tired and had some phone calls to make, so I didn’t go to my cousin’s house for dinner.  Mom, Anu Didi and the kids went.  I spent some time on the phone.  I found out that a ministry we don’t really agree with is going around telling people that they run the fellowship in our house on Sundays and Wednesdays.  I was a little shocked to hear this considering we have never even had guest speakers in our fellowship yet.   But, since there is nothing I can do about it, I had to put it in God’s hands.  He has got to clear any misconceptions people may have.

The neighbor with the vision problem came over for prayer.  As we prayed, he felt the power of God.

Rajveer ji called.  He was excited.  He said that he didn’t have any pain in his kidneys today due to the kidney stones he has been suffering from for years.  I guess he normally gets pain on a daily basis.  We have been trying to pray on a regular basis for his healing.  And he said he believes the prayer is working.

The kids didn’t come for tuition on Monday.  I was a little disappointed.  But, I think school has started up again.  Perhaps they were a little busy.

Today we went to the slum near Ashram.  We got some bad news.  The government is planning on tearing down the slum.  They have stopped supplying water to the residents in order to force them to leave.  By the time we get back from India in June, the slum may be completely destroyed.  I have heard the government is cracking down on all “illegal construction” because the 2010 Commonwealth Games are going to be held in New Delhi and the government needs land to build hotels and venues for the games.  This slum is very old.  Some of the residents have probably lived here for generations.  All of the sudden they are going to find themselves homeless.  It is very sad.  And we will likely never see many of these people again.

Today there was a nice little group of kids who came and sang songs with me.  Actually, there were two different groups.  I shared the story of Naaman with them.  Then we began to pray for the various needs.  I was hoping that lots of people would come for prayer like they did last week, but that didn’t happen.  However, children came for prayer.  A couple of girls had headaches and stomach aches that the Lord healed.  Two girls had painful soars in their mouths.  The pain left after prayer.  A little boy with a fever came.  He looked pretty haggard when he came for prayer, but a few minutes after prayer, I saw him playing and dancing about. 

One girl, Pooja, came to tell me that the Lord had begun to heal her of alopecia.  She was experiencing hair loss.  We had prayed for her last week.  She had a one inch round path of hair that had fallen out.  She told me that after prayer, the hair had begun growing back.  Praise God!

The most amazing miracle was that of Sunita’s vision.  A little girl, Sunita came to me and said that she had bad vision.  When we had rains about two months ago, she had fallen ill with a fever.  Ever since then, her eyesight had gone bad.  She could not see small things like flies.  She also was having double vision.  She said that she was often falling down because of her poor eyesight.  The bottom of the brown portion of her eyes seemed to be blue.  As we began to pray, I wasn’t sure if anything would happen.  After the first prayer she said she felt a difference.  After three prayers, she said she was completely healed.  I didn’t believe her totally, so I started testing her in different ways.  She kept telling me her vision was perfect.  The driver, Khan bhaiya, was watching.  He got up and started testing the little girl as well.  Soon we were all convinced that she was completely healed.  We began to praise the Lord.  I told her to tell everyone that Jesus had healed her.  Another man who had been observing everything was excited by this time too and told her the same thing.

After the slum, we went to Kalpna’s grandmother’s home to pray for Kalpna’s Aunt.  She has some problem that could require surgery.  She said that it makes her feel over all icky.  We only had a few minutes to pray with her.  After we prayed, we rushed off to meet some people who are interested in possibly volunteering with The Orphanage Project.

When we got home, I realized I had a fever.  I basically went straight to bed. 

Scripture for the Day:
So He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up, and immediately the fever left her.  And she served them.  Mark 1:24.

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