Sapna Didi Arrive in India

Then, a lady we had met at Priya, Sonal, called.  She said that she had read our testimony and she wanted the Holy Spirit.  So, I sent her the Holy Spirit teaching.  Later in the day she called again to let me know that she had read the document and prayed as it said to.  And, praise God, she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

Next we went to Delhi, where we met the lady with cancer, to pray for her healing.  She was experiencing extreme pain in her neck.  As we prayed, the pain left.

It was raining so much, we decided not to go to the slum in Ashram.  Instead, we went to the home of the family with the son who was paralyzed due to spinal fluid seven years ago.  Although the family has sort of come to know Jesus, they do not seem to be solid in their faith.  They have a lot of challenges they are facing and a lot of discord and unhappiness in their family.  The young guy, who is like twenty four years old, seems to have given up on life.  He likes people to feel sorry for him.  He likes to feel sorry for himself.

Finally at night we went out to dinner and then went to the airport to pick up my sister.

Scripture for the Day:
And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Acts 2:21.

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