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I praised the Lord with her and then prayed for the remaining pain in the bottom of her legs.  As we prayed, the pain left.  The lady told me that she had been crying in pain and miserable before meeting me at The Grand hotel on Thursday.  But, as we prayed, the Lord had turned her tears into a smile.

In the afternoon, the lady’s daughter, Priya, called me.  She said her mom was sounding like a different person.  Even her father was saying that the lady’s countenance had changed after prayer.  She was relaxed and happy because the pain was greatly reduced.  Priya asked me, “Can my mom be healed completely?”  I assured her that I trusted that if she grew in her faith in Jesus, He would heal her according to the promises in His word.

Today Raahil and my sister’s family left to go back to Hyderabad.  It was very sad.  Raahil is so adorable.  He does the cutest things.  He calls bananas “lala”, more is “lo”, water is “nummy,” when he breaks something, he says “tu-tu,” and when he wants to get picked up he says, “gola.”  Sometimes he has a tendency to invert words too.  For example, in hindi, a playing card is called a “patha.”  Raahil calls it, “thappa.”  I have learned a whole new language. 

He is so intelligent too.  The other day I left my cell phone on the charger and couldn’t reach it.  I prayed that the Lord would send someone to give it to me.  In walks the most unlikely suspect, Raahil.  I told him to get my cellphone.  He grabbed it and tried to bring it to me.  I told him to remove it from the charger and made a little hand gesture.  He immediately removed the cell phone from the charger and handed it to me!

Raahil loves church.  If you say “church,” or even when he thinks of it on his own, he takes everyone to the room in which we hold the prayer fellowships and makes everyone worship the Lord in song.  He loves the songs “Not by might, nor by power” and “No no no no…God’s not dead.”  Then he sits with his little head bowed, eyes closed, and hands together, praying.  Every once in a while he slyly opens his eyes to see what the world around him is doing.

In the evening, my cousin’s son, Piyush, came over.  He has been diagnosed with Jaundice.  I had prayed with him over the phone a few weeks ago.  He said from that day the Lord had begun to heal him, the vomiting stopped and the fever broke.  So, now he had enough energy to drive out from Delhi to Faridabad for prayer in person.

We also prayed for Puneet’s shirt business.  A new man was coming to just see the shirts.  We prayed that the Lord would give Puneet a testimony for Sunday church and would also make this man a permanent customer.  (Praise Report:  The man has become Puneet’s permanent customer and already front ordered shirts.  The man said that although he doesn’t wear short-sleeves, and all Puneet was selling was short-sleeves, he felt compelled to make a purchase).


As I was praying for Puneet, a young lady called.  Her sister had been healed of sinus problems and other things at Priya.  The girl had severe pain from kidney stones.  She was experiencing some pain at the time.  As we prayed, to her amazement, the pain left.  I told her to call back if she needed additional prayer.

As soon as my cousins left, the neighbor with the eye problem came over for prayer.

Today, the Sikh lady with cancer called for additional prayer.  She was having excruciating back pain.  As we prayed, the pain left.  She was very happy.

Another elderly lady called who has a severe breathing problem and knee pain.  As we prayed, she felt a considerable release.  She felt such a difference that she had her daughter call for prayer as well.  The daughter is suffering from a urine infection and joint pain.  As we prayed, she too said she felt much much better.

God has been doing a lot of miracles.  But, I haven’t been feeling well lately.  I seem to get a body ache and fever quite often.  Please keep me in your prayers.

Scripture for the Day:
Through Him you believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and glorified Him, and so your faith and hope are in God.  I Peter 1:21.

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