Prayer in the Priya Marketplace 18

Kamla Aunty and Uncle and Bharti Aunty and her family also came for prayer.  As we prayed for them, the power of God touched them as well.  They have been feeling the Lord work in their lives.

Then we went to Priya for ministry.  Many came for prayer.  The Lord worked as usual.  It is weird, healings are becoming to common now that although I am amazed and grateful for each and every healing the Lord performs, I tend not to remember all of them.  Perhaps my memory is weak.  Today a young guy, Amit, came to us for prayer while he was having a seizure.  We were able to calm him, help him to rest and dropped him at home.  He wants to know more about Jesus.  Many of the Gulatis came for prayer.

After praying for a few hours, we had youth meeting.  Those who attended were: Ankit, Ankush, Deep, Hemant, Manoj, Arpit, and Tabrez (for a bit) and a few strangers.  I shared a simple message and then we began to pray for each one who was in attendance.  The power of God was so strong, many of the guys felt like they were going to fall under the power of God.

Scripture for the Day:
I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.  Psalm 34:1.

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