Praise God for Running Water!

However, the water problem has been extreme.  In general, fresh water only runs for a discrete number of hours a day.  On Friday afternoon, all of a sudden, we found there was no running water (either fresh or from the water tank in the back of the house).  The plumber came and checked things out, but was unable to do anything.  All of our neighbors had water, but for some reason, we had no water.  On Sunday morning, they discovered all sorts of “things” in the water supply, such as plastic bags.  But even after removing all of that, the water did not start running.  However, the plumber discovered that all of the pipes in the house have worn out (the house is 25 years old) and need to be replaced.  Finally on Monday morning, Mukesh went and investigated.  He discovered there was a leak in a pipe out back that was causing the problem.  Finally on Monday, we had running water once again.  The days without water were quite interesting.  Luckily the toilets were still flushing.  But we went out and filled up buckets of water to wash our hands and to take baths.  We also bought bottled water for drinking purposes.

Things like shortage of electricity and water remind me how privileged we are in the US. 

Shifting gears, on Monday, Sonali and Surbhi brought two friends, Renu and Pooja over.  Sonali had testified to them.  We talked for a while.  I answered the girls’ questions.  I shared with them about Jesus and what it truly means to believe in Him.  Renu was eager to receive the Holy Spirit.  Pooja was a little hesitant.  I told Pooja that there was no hurry.  She could wait and learn more about Jesus before praying to receive the Holy Spirit.  But then Pooja asked, “Can I just try and pray to see if what you are saying is real?”  Pooja’s question reminded me of Stormy at the juvenile jail.  The first time I had met him, he had said he didn’t even believe in God.  But, he had prayed to receive the Holy Spirit, almost as a challenge to the Lord of His existence.  Of course the Lord showed Stormy his reality.  In the same was, as we began to pray, both Renu and Pooja were filled with the Holy Spirit.  Pooja kept looking at me in surprise.  “This is real,” she said.

In the evening, the painter, Javed, asked us to pray for him.  As we began to share with him, he too wanted to receive the Holy Spirit.  We prayed, and he received.  He was so happy.  He said he felt an unexplainable peace.  He promised to return on Sunday to watch the Jesus movie.  He asked me how many people had come on Sunday for prayer.  When I told him that twelve had come, he said, “So few people came because they don’t know.  When they know, many will come.” 

That night, a man whom we had prayed for in September dropped by.  He has a vision problem.  He sees a sort of “smoke” before his eyes.  When we prayed in September, he felt a drastic improvement, but slowly he felt like he was “losing” his healing.  He was in a rush, but we said a quick prayer

On Tuesday my cousin’s wife brought her maid over.  She felt lead of the Lord to bring her maid.  Her made, Daani, is a believer, but she had never experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We prayed and she received.   

In the evening Mukesh and I sat down to do some Bible study and Mom and Javed joined us.  Mom began sharing about some of the fundamentals of Christian faith.  We had a good time in the Lord.

On Wednesday we attended a wedding.  I will write more about that later.  But, as the wedding the man who sees the smoke before his eyes told us that after prayer he felt a difference.  He promised to return for more prayer.  We also met a family whom we had prayed for in September.  Their baby boy had something wrong with him and the doctors had said he would need surgery.  The parents were excited to tell us that after prayer the child did not need surgery.  The Lord healed him!

Scripture for the Day:
7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way; Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.  8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret – it only causes harm.  Psalms 37:7-8.

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