Our Second Visit to the Faridabad Slums

Today we went to the slum areas again to pass out cookies to the kids.  When we went to the first slum area, they gathered all of the children from that area and two other slums as well.  There were about 96 children.  The ladies smiled as we came.  One told me, “Ever since you came the last time, all of the children have been singing the song that you taught them.”  The slum we went to was the one where Ekraam lives at.  But, when we got there, I didn’t see him anywhere.  So I asked the kids where he was.  He was taking a bath, but came running when he found out we had come.

As the kids gathered, many of them said that they would come to Sunday service next time.  We taught them a new song.  They enjoyed it very much because one of the actions requires them to jump up.  Even some of the adults sang along.  Afterwards we prayed for those with needs.  The Lord healed many pains.  As to the other needs we will find out later what the Lord did.

As we were leaving Ekraam and his elder brother Irfaan promised to come on Sunday.

Then we went to the slum that we had gone to on Christmas.  When we first got there, just a handful of children came.  Most of them were too young to understand anything we said to them.  We sang with them and taught them the new song.  As we began to sing, people began to gather.  Then I shared a short testimony with them about how I became Miss Teen of Washington…how our Lord makes the impossible possible.  Then we handed out cookies and prayed for those with needs.

We have one more slum to visit.  We will likely do that on Wednesday or Thursday.

When we got home, a man brought his adult daughter for prayer.  He said someone had told him about us, so he came to give it a try.  His daughter had contracted Jaundice nine months ago.  As she lay in the hospital, she had lain in the fetal position, on her side with her legs pulled up to her chest.  Because she lay in that position for so long, her tendons in her knees shrank, so she can no longer extend her knees.  They are frozen in a bent position.  We prayed for her.  Her father said that he will bring her back on Sunday.

Then in the evening, Rushmi came for prayer.  It has been a while since I have seen her.  She had been busy due to illness in the family.

Scripture for the Day:
And the Lord will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above and not beneath, if you heed the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today, and are careful to observe them.  Deuteronomy 28:13.

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