Our Second Day in Chennai

I have noticed that one of the most common prayer requests that young women have these days is, “Please pray that I will marry the person I love.”  As many of you may know, traditionally, what we refer to as “love” marriages are not favored in India.  Arranged marriages are the norm.  But, these days, with young women entering the workforce and with the influence of movies, young men and women are falling in love with one another and not wanting to have arranged marriages.  However, parents have various reasons for not accepting their children’s choice of mate.  Sometimes caste or religion play a role.  Other times it is economic status, regional background, education or family animosities.  When we pray with people who want to marry the person of their choice, we generally pray that God’s will happens, because He knows what is best for those involved.

After the ministry time was over, we dropped mom and home because she has not been feeling well.  Ajay and I went out site-seeing.  We first went to an area called T-Nagar.  It is a famous market that is known for the sale of silk sarees.  There are huge multi-storey stores that are solely dedicated to selling sarees.  One shop claims that it has 50,000 colors of sarees.  Each saree can be found in at least 50 colors!  However, T-Nagar was very crowded, so we drove around, could not find parking, and left.

Next, we decided to go to Marina Beach (the second longest beach in the world).  However, on the way, we saw there was a Industry & Tourism Exposition going on.  We decided to stop for a while and look around.  Because of my dad’s work on the highways, we were giving VIP entry.  Inside the exposition was set up in two parts.  In the first part, they had buildings set up with exhibits representing each of the governmental departments in Tamil Nadu (e.g. Fisheries Dept., Transportation Dept., etc.).  The transportation exhibit had a model of the road my dad built.  

The second part of the exposition was like an ordinary fair, with craft stalls, food stalls, rides, games, etc.  I was tempted to eat many of the different treats they were selling at the fair, but Ajay stopped me because he knew that if I ate them, I would likely get an upset stomach.  Finally, he allowed me to eat a HUGE papaddam.  It was about 1.5 feet in diameter and had red pepper sprinkled over it.  Then, as we were walking around, we decided to try one of the haunted-house type exhibits they had.  This one was called Anoconda.  It was supposed to have scary snakes and effects.  However, we were sorely disappointed when we went inside.  It was not scary at all!  It was actually quite amusing :o )

After the exposition, we went to Marina Beach.  As the second longest beach in the world, it is 4.5 km long.  Marina Beach is one of the beaches that was affected by the Tsunami.  We wanted to see some of the memorials they have put up to commemorate the Tsunami, but there were too many stairs.  So, instead we went and just sat on the beach for an hour, talking and praying.  The water was so far from the start of the beach that we could not even see it in the distance.  It is a HUGE beach.  There were probably thousands of people on the beach (mostly families), yet it felt empty.  Snack vendors run up and down the beach with their little carts selling all sorts of treats.  There are some games (such as popping balloons with a rifle) and rides (such as mini-merry-go-rounds) scattered throughout the beach as well.

Sitting on the beach was relaxing.  There was a gentle breeze.  Ajay and I discussed all sorts of topics.  Then we asked a little boy who was selling some sort of a salad to take our picture.  We both had so many requirements of what exactly we wanted that although the by took five pictures, we still were not satisfied.  In the end Ajay paid the boy 5 rupees and he left with a big smile on his face.

After the beach we went to a restaurant, The New Yorker, for dinner.  It was a multi-ethnic cuisine restaurant.  And much to our surprise, it was purely vegetarian.  One of my cousins had told me about the Mumbai branch and told me it was a must try.  Ajay may be moving to Australia soon, so my mission is to expose him to a variety of food, so he won’t starve in OZ :o ) We started the meal with nachos.  Then we had an enchilada.   I was a little disappointed with the enchilada because instead of a Mexican feel, it had an Indian taste.  Then we had spaghetti.  The sauce was too sweet and they wouldn’t give me parmesan cheese to sprinkle over it, so again I was disappointed.  But, the dessert was amazing.  It was a chocolate brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream and sizzling hot fudge sauce.  It was HEAVEN.

In the evening when I got home, a young woman from the Tidel Park fellowship called.  She is seeking the truth.  I answered her questions as best I could and promised to stay in touch.

Again, I have added pictures to the gallery so you can see a little of what we saw today.

Scripture for the Day:
Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”  Mark 9:23.

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