Our Last Day in Chennai

In the morning, we went to a children’s home in the Anna Nagar area, called Petra House.  A Malayalee couple felt the call of God on their lives to move to Chennai for ministry.  Soon after coming to Chennai, they took in a destitute child and began to care for him in their home.  Then, after the Tsunami, they felt compelled to help the children affected by the devastation.  That is when they formally established the children’s home.  The home houses approximately 35 children.  Some are orphans, while others have families who either can’t or won’t take care of them.  The home provides them with food, clothing, education and love.

After we arrived, the children sang some worship songs in Hindi, English and Tamil.  Then I shared an abridged version of our testimony.  Finally we began to pray for the children for healing.  The kids were all amazed as the Lord started to heal them.  There were many many healings.  A few kids came with terrible toothaches.  After prayer, the pain was all gone!  One boy had a painful lump under his arm.  After prayer, he was healed!  Another boy had a terrible stomach ache.  The first few times we prayed, nothing happened.  Then suddenly, when he least expected it, the pain left.  I wish I could have taken pictures of the kids’ expressions as they realized their pain was gone.

A couple had come especially for prayer to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Mom prayed with them, and was amazed at how quickly they both began to speak in tongues. The man also had us pray for hearing loss in one ear.  He felt some improvement as we prayed, but he was in a rush to get back to work, so we didn’t pray too many times with him.

As we were leaving, the kids began saying in unison, “Thank you Aunty.  Come again Aunty.”  (I hate being called Aunty…hehehe)

After the meeting, we went home, finished packing, ran a few last errands and caught the plane back to Faridabad.

Scripture for the Day:
The Lord lives!  Blessed be my Rock!  Let God be exalted, the Rock of my salvation!  II Samuel 22:47.

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