On the Eve of Our First Meeting

Friday was a good day.  In the morning, a young woman I was recently introduced to over the internet came over for prayer.  She is Sikh convert.  I love to hear stories of how the Lord leads people to Him.  She told of how a friend simply gave her a Bible and told her to begin reading the Proverbs.  What began as a simple exercise, soon turned into a newly found faith.  She began reading the Bible, secretly attending church, and slowly came to know the Lord.  She had a burning hunger within her that the Lord fulfilled.  She is the only believer in her family.  She is facing some family problems that we prayed about.  She also prayed to receive the Holy Spirit.  Her lips began to stammer, but she was having a difficult time fully letting the Lord take control.

In the evening, Suresh, the young man who applies henna at the marketplace came over.  He is the same guy whom God healed of chest pain/asthma back in September.  Suresh is not educated and cannot read or write.  Back in September when we had shared with him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he had said he didn’t think he could receive because he is not educated.  But the Lord showed him that education has nothing to do with it.  God is looking at our heart.  Suresh told me that he has told many people about the miracles he experienced and witnessed back in September, and many of them want to come for prayer, even from faraway cities.  We may go to his village near Mathura to hold a small meeting in a few weeks.  On Friday, Suresh was not feeling well.  He had a headache.  We prayed and the Lord healed his headache.   

A boy named Sajana was with Suresh.  They had been hanging out during the day, so Suresh brought him along.  He had no idea about anything that was going on.  But, I could tell he was carefully listening and observing what was going on.  When he saw Suresh being healed of the headache, I could see interest spark inside of Sajana.  So, I began sharing with him.  To my surprise, he had never even heard the name Jesus.  He didn’t know what a church is.  So, I broke things down to the basics and shared our testimony with him, as well as about the love of Jesus.  At the end I asked Sajana if he wanted prayer for anything.  We prayed that the Lord would improve his concentration and prosper him in his work.  I could tell that when we prayed, Sajana felt something.  There were tears in his eyes when he opened them and he was speechless.  I asked Sajana to return on Saturday.  I wanted to show him the Jesus movie.  But, I found out that he lives in a far away city and would be returning home on Saturday morning.  So, I shared with Sajana about the Holy Spirit.  Suresh and Mukesh (who had come downstairs for Bible study) also shared their experiences.  Sajana said he wanted to receive.  We prayed and his tongue began to stammer.  We gave him a Bible and he promised to read it.  He asked me if I knew any hymns that I could teach him.  So, I taught him a simple Hindi hymn.  Before Sajana left, he said that he would try to swing by on Saturday before he left for home…which he did.

After Sajana and Suresh left, Mukesh and I began our Bible study.  We are just going through a children’s Bible.  We talked about the story of Noah.  Mukesh listened intently.  While Mukesh and I were still studying the Bible, my cousin’s son (the one who has the exam on November 20) came by for prayer.  He said that prayer on Thursday night had really made a difference.  He found that somehow he “knew” things that he had not even studied!

Scripture for the Day:
And his master saw that the Lord was with him and the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hands.  Genesis 39:3.

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