November 25 – November 30, 2006 (Part IV)

So, I decided that since Rahul was with us, and I wanted him to get a chance to do some ministry, we would just stop at a small slum nearby and do a random outreach. We found a small slum and an open area and got out of the car. We told some people to gather all of the kids. Several kids and their mothers came. We tried to teach the kids an action song, but they were very shy. Only one or two actually danced with us. Then I shared our testimony in short with the kids and mothers and we passed out cookies. Then we offered to pray for the sick. I don’t think anyone has ever done that at this slum before. The people did not know how to react. However slowly, a few brought their kids for prayer. As we were leaving, the people asked us to come back again. We are planning on visiting them weekly during the winter season, before we go to Priyas.

After the outreach, we went to the Priya Marketplace. I assumed that things would be pretty slow there again, because we have not been back long and people do not yet know that we are back. So, I got a cup of ice to munch on from McDonalds. As we were making our way to the area that we usually pray at, there was a crowd of young people just outside one of the night clubs. The were all joking around with each other. As we passed by, one young guy stopped me and said, “Didi, can you pray for my headache?” I wasn’t sure if he was just joking with me, so I looked at him questioningly, “You really want prayer?” He replied that he really did want prayer. He had been dancing too much, so he had gotten a headache. So we prayed for him and he said he was better. Then as we were leaving, another young guy came up and asked for prayer saying, “I want kids.” Now, I was sure this was all a joke! So I asked, “You want kids?” He replied that he is married and he and his wife have been unable to conceive. So, still a little skeptical, I prayed that his wife would have a child.

Then as we made our way to our usual spot, crowds of young people just began coming one after the other for prayer. It was amazing. For nearly two hours we were praying for the young people one by one. We normally only have a few young people come for prayer. Mostly those who get prayer are generally a little older. But this day it seemed like all of the young people at Priyas wanted prayer. Many of them took copies of our testimony to read. Many of them felt the miracle and healing power of God in their bodies.

The boy Saddam who had wanted to be tutored came. Rahul tutored him. Saddam was so happy afterwards as he proudly told me that he is beginning to understand a little bit. He was skipping around, unable to control his joy!

For the youth meeting we had a decent turn out – Deep, Hemant, Nancy, Rahul, Akhilesh, Ajay, and new man whose name I did not get a chance to ask. We tried a different format for youth meeting. Instead of the usual, me talking and everyone listening, we had a discussion format. We discussed on the topic of “competition.” We had a good discussion with everyone giving input.

Rahul shared a few amazing testimonies. Last week after youth group, when he had gone home, his father had gone through his bag and found some contraband. Rahul was sure he was in for it. He messaged me and asked me to pray. I messaged him back and told him not to worry, the Lord would help him. And that night to Rahul’s amazement, his father said nothing. He did not yell at Rahul or hit him. It was a miracle!

Then Rahul testified that he and his friend, Nancy, had gone shopping. While they were shopping Nancy had mentioned that she was going to be strapped for money because she needed to buy Christmas presents and send them home to all of her relatives in a different state. Rahul said he would pray for Nancy that the Lord would provide. That night, before sleeping, Rahul prayed for Nancy. The next morning Nancy gave Rahul a call. A miracle had happened. She had unexpectedly received an 8,000 rupee increment in her pay check!

Scripture of the Day:

Beloved let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of god and knows God. I John 4:7.

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