November 25 – November 30, 2006 (Part II)

Mom continued her teaching on Matthew 9. She taught about true fasting. After the message we challenged the kids to fast from saying negative words for one day during the month of Christmas as a birthday present for Jesus.

During testimony time several of the children got up and testified. Seema testified that she had gone to the park the other day and met two girls. One of the girls had a fever. Seema prayed for her in the name of Jesus and the fever went away. Aarti testified that she had been crossing the street and all of a sudden noticed that two cars were coming directly at her. She prayed and the Lord saved her. Mahindera testified that his family had taken a train to their village. Mahindera’s Uncles and Father had not been able to get on the train before it started to move. Mahindera prayed, “Jesus help them on the train,” and they were able to climb aboard the moving train.

Sapan Bhaiya’s mother in law testified that she had been coming faithfully to church for two months now. When she had started coming, it was because her mother was dying of cancer in a different state. She had cried and cried. But now, through prayer, Jesus was healing her mother. Her mother was not taking any medicines and improving daily. Previously she had been bedridden, and now she is up and about!

After the service we prayed for those with needs and allowed the children to watch their movie.

Then we rushed off to Delhi for the prayer fellowship in Vasant Vihar. We had a pretty good turn out there as well. During testimony time Ankit got up and testified that he had been extremely sick in the hospital and was unable to take his exams nor prepare for them. But, he prayed. The college gave him special permission to take them late, and when he did, he scored 98% and set a new record in his college. Alfonsa Didi testified that a neighbor had gotten so sick that they had to rush her to the emergency room. She was admitted in the ICU. Didi started to pray for her and the Lord healed her!

In Delhi I shared a message on the ABCs of Prayer. Then we prayed for all those with needs. One elderly lady who came brought her daughter and son-in-law for prayer. She said that Jesus had previously completely healed her of several health ailments she had faced before coming for prayer. So, now they wanted additional prayer for other needs.

After the service the youth began preparation for the Christmas production. It was neat to see that we actually had a youth group! Those in attendance were: Hemant, Deep, Ankit, Pawan, Alfonsa Didi, Ashima, Vincent, and Rahul. Akhilesh, Suvineet and Ajay were missing. This time I just shared the Christmas story with them because many of them were not familiar with it. Next week we will begin practice.

Scripture of the Day:

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Romans 12:14.

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