November 17 – November 24, 2006 (Part III)

Then we went to the Priya marketplace for ministry. At the Priya market there was quite a rush because some famous DJ was at one of the clubs and many people were there to see the new Bond movie, Casino Royale. Slowly people began coming for prayer. At times there was a huge crowd. At other times there was no one. As we prayed, the Lord again performed miracles. For example, one Colonel came with a problem in his hip. He had had the problem for years and the doctors were unable to help him. He limped. We prayed for him and the pain was gone and he began walking normally. His wife then came for prayer a little while later!

One young boy, Saddam, came to me and asked for prayer because he cannot concentrate on his studies. He is in 7th grade. He told me that he is considering dropping out from school. His father has said he can drop out of school and begin working. I told the child not to do that. I told him we would tutor him and teach him math.

For youth group, we had: Jaswinder Bhaiya, two friends, Rahul, Deep, Akhilesh and his friend. We talked a little about the ministries we want to do over the next few months and how each one of can make a difference. I shared with them the story of Shakina ( Rahul is going to help us tutor Saddam. We also saw a eunuch and Khan bhaiya got his address. We may start eunuch ministry next week as well. Also we are going to prepare a Christmas drama and take it to nearby slums.

As we were leaving, Ankit found us. He had not been allowed to come for youth group because his parents wanted him to study. But, we talked a bit and he introduced me to his mother. His faith seems to be growing. Praise God!

Scripture of the Day:

For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to this of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. Romans 12:3.

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