November 17 – November 24, 2006 (Part I)

On Saturday we went to my Uncle and Aunt’s 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was a fun party. They had a dance troupe perform traditional Indian dances from different states. Some of the performances were amazing. My favorite was a stick dance from the state of Manipur that was a mix of balancing, acrobatics and dance. We had a chance to share with a few people about our faith and our work in India.

Sunday ministry started up again. In the morning we had the 1st service in Faridabad after our return. We didn’t expect many people to show up because we had not had a chance to go to the slums and inform people of our return. But to my surprise, we had a relatively decent turn-out. Some of the kids had remembered that we were returning on Sunday and showed up because of that. Those who attended were:

Akbar, Ajit, Akanksha, Mr. Chauhan, Mukesh, Rajendra, Kulbushan, Jitendra, Sushant, Meeta, Rahul, Mahima, Dinesh, Ashima, Golden Bhaiya, Anil Uncle, Sapan Bhaiya, Falguni Bhabhi, Meeta’s Mom and Grandmother, Mr. & Mrs. Agarwal, the man who had come on Friday with Sapan Bhaiya and his wife, Roma Bhabhi and Vipul Bhaiya.

During the service, mom shared about the miracle in the Bible in which the four friends lowered their paralyzed friend down through a roof in front of Jesus for prayer. A few people got up and shared about miracles that God had done in their lives during our absence.

At the end of the service we prayed for everyone and rushed to Delhi for the Vasant Vihar service. The timing of that service has changed to 3:30 PM instead of 4 PM. We arrived a bit early and saw some people decorating the church for a wedding. One of the decorators came up to me and gave me a pretty rose. It was wonderful to see Hemant and Deep again. When we started service, it was a very small turn out. We just had Hemant, Deep, Rahul, Ashima, and Kamla Aunty. But, slowly a few more people joined us. Sonal Didi, her husband, brother, parents and kids came as did a couple we do not know, and Ajay.

We had a thanksgiving service in which we all shared testimonies of God’s goodness. Probably one of the most amazing testimonies was that of Ajay. He had recently started trusting in Jesus. He was very sick, with jaundice, but needed to travel about 12 hours away to take an exam. The doctors told him he would not be able to go. But, he prayed that the Lord gave him the strength and energy to make the journey. But, about half way through the journey, the bus stopped and the passengers were told that there was a problem up ahead and so the bus would not go any further. Again, Ajay prayed, and within minutes the problem was resolved and the bus continued on its route.

Ajay took the exam and says it was the best exam of his life. He scored higher than he ever has on a standardized exam.

But, when it was time to return, he noticed he did not have money. He got on the bus, but the conductor made him disembark the bus in a village called Kangra. Ajay had no idea where he was. There were preparations going on for a huge political rally the next day. Ajay tried to find room in an inn or somewhere, but was unable to find any place to rest. Just as he almost gave up, he prayed. He ran into a group of college students, who upon seeing his condition to him to their room to rest.

The next morning, Ajay needed to catch the bus, but again he didn’t have any money. He prayed and got on the bus. To his surprise, the conductor did not ask Ajay for a ticket! When Ajay got to a major city, he disembarked the bus and went and got some money from an ATM. When he returned to pay the bus conductor, the bus conductor was amazed that Ajay would have been allowed to make the entire journey without a ticket. The conductor looked in his records and saw that Ajay’s ticket had already been “paid in full.” So he refused the money Ajay was now offering!

Sonal Didi’s mother was so happy to be in service. She was visiting from Patna and was returning on Sunday. She thought she would not be able to meet us, but the timing worked out just perfect for us to get together. She is the lady whom I used to pray with who was healed of high blood sugar.

Scripture of the Day:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jews first and also for the Greek. Romans 1:16.

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