New Life Fellowship Meetings

Because the meeting was expanded to include the Tamil speaking people, I spoke in Hindi and Pastor Saji translated.  In an effort to save time, I cut my message short and simple shared our testimony and a short exhortation.  Then, Mom began to pray for the MANY people who wanted the Holy Spirit, while I prayed for the other needs.  There was a Bengali speaking family there who is starting to move into ministry.  They have questioned whether the baptism of the Holy Spirit is real and/or necessary.  But, as Mom prayed with them, the Lord answered all of their questions, powerfully filled them with His Holy Spirit and they began to speak in tongues.

At this meeting it seemed like every single person who has a physical need that we could self assess (meaning you don’t need a doctor to run some sort of test to see if there was a healing) was healed after prayer.  God was moving in such mighty ways that many people who had not actually attended the service were coming in to the church for prayer as people were leaving the church and testifying of what the Lord had done for them.  Many came in their night-clothes, hungry for a healing touch from God. 

Most were surprised at the reality and power of God’s healing touch.  A little boy, Shiva, got prayer for a pain in his neck.  Immediately the pain left.  I saw him walk away confused and in awe.  He kept moving his neck, telling his friends, “The pain is really gone!”

For some reason, many people who asked for prayer were somehow related to “auto-ricksaws.”  One of the first healing miracles was a lady who came with pain in her head and legs.  After the Lord healed her headache, we prayed for her legs.  She had been run over by an auto-rickshaw.  As we prayed, all of the pain left.  You should have seen her expression.   A little later, an auto-rickshaw driver came for prayer (he actually hadn’t attended the meeting, but walked in off the street).  He had pain all over his body.  As we prayed, the Lord took all of the pain out of his body.  His tired, weary, expression turned into an ear-to-ear grin, as he experienced freedom from the pain that had held him captive for so long.  Then, he went and brought another auto-rickshaw driver for prayer.  He had broken his arm in an accident.  The bone was broken in two and I guess had not been set properly.  He was in extreme pain and was unable to drive his auto-rickshaw because of the pain.  After prayer, the Lord completely healed the pain.  He rejoiced as he was able to move his arm, use it, and put pressure on it without any pain.  Near the end, yet another auto-rickshaw driver came for prayer.  He had extreme pain on one side of his body.  It was so severe that he could not even kneel for prayer.  He winced in pain as he tried to kneel.  We told him he could remain standing.  After the first time we prayed, he said that the pain had left his head and arm, but remained in his leg.  After the second time we prayed, he said he was completely healed.  We asked him to walk around, jump up and down and kneel, to make sure he was healed.  Praise the Lord, he could do everything!

Today, in the morning, a young man, Joe came over.  Although he is just 21 years old, the Lord is using him in amazing ways for ministry, especially among the youth.  The son of ministers, he had always wanted to stay away from full-time ministry himself, because the poverty generally associated with it.  He had thought he would get a good job, earn money, and then either support other ministries or do some ministry in the distance future, once he was financially sound.  However, the Lord had other plans and called him into the ministry immediately after he finished his undergraduate education.  I am always inspired and challenged when I heard how the Lord is working in different people’s lives.

After Joe left, Mom and I went back to the sari shop where Mom had testified to the salespeople a few days back.  We had to go there to pick up the clothes we had purchased.  As we were there, one of the men asked again, “What is the name tat you mentioned that day?”  We told him, “Jesus.”  He said he would remember to pray in the name of Jesus.  He would have likely asked us to pray there and then for him, but his superiors were watching, so he didn’t ask.  Instead, he asked for our phone number and said he would call us for prayer later.

In the evening, we went to a meeting at New Life Fellowship, again arranged by Pastor Saji.  There I shared a message on the power of God.  Afterwards, a man came up and started talking.  He asked me if I remembered him.  I did…although he looked quite different (in a good way).  We had met him back in August.  His name is Naidu.  He didn’t believe in Jesus at the time, but someone had brought him to the meeting.  After the meeting in August, he had prayed and had been filled with the Holy Spirit.  He also had us pray for spondylitis (extreme neck pain, due to a pinched nerve I think).  The problem was so severe that on a recent trip to Bangalore, he had had to lie on the back seat of the car the entire way there and back, because he was in excruciating pain.  As we had prayed, the pain had completely left.  He was wearing a neck brace, which he removed and was able to move his neck with no pain.  Naidu now told us that he was completely healed of that problem that day.  It was the first miracle he ever saw.  He said since then he was now believing in Jesus and praying for others and they were being healed.  He had even started to minister in churches.  Praise God!  It was so encouraging to see the change in him.

God filled many at the meeting with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and healed others of physical ailments.

Again, I have updated the gallery with new pictures.

Scripture for the Day:
As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.  II Samuel 22:31.

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