My Birthday Party!

There were not too many bonfires that were lit in our area and no one came to our house asking for a treat.  We are living in the state of Haryana.  I guess traditionally Lohri is more celebrated in Rajasthan and Punjab.  There on the day after Lohri, which is called Makar Sakranti, people fly kites.  It is supposed to be quite the sight, with colorful kites filing the skies.

Today in the morning, my cousin’s wife brought her cousins over for prayer.  The cousin’s daughter, Neha, has a skin problem.  The cousin’s husband has asthma.  We prayed for both and will find out the results.  I know that the Lord is able.

Mom spent the day cooking.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I slept all day.  In the evening we had a little birthday party for me…just with the relatives.  I asked that in lieu of bringing presents, everyone bring a talent to perform.  My family members are all good sports and everyone did something or the other.  Some sang songs, one niece did a dance, two relatives did short comedic monologues, there were some speeches, a game, and plenty of jokes were told.  It was a really fun time.     

My uncle made a speech.  In that he explained that I have two parents.  My parents each had two parents, meaning 4 parents in all.  My grandparents each had two parents, meaning eight parents in all.  If you take 25 years to be the span of a generation, over the past 400 years, 16 generations have passed.  Meaning that the Lord has brought together 32,000 people just so that I could be born.  One may say God has done that for everyone.  But my uncle noted, while that may be true.  But, God has made me unique and special.  There is no one who has the same genetic makeup that I have :o ) (he said it much more eloquently than I am doing here, but you get the point)

Scripture for the Day:
Thus let all Your enemies perish, O Lord!  But let those who love Him be like the sun when it comes out in full strength.  Judges 5:31.

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