Miracles in the Priya Marktplace 13

At Priya, we first grabbed a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonalds.  Then, as we were waiting for the children to gather, I saw a woman looking our way.  I asked her if she wanted prayer.  She said she did.  She had been experiencing pain in her knees for several years, since an accident.  As we prayed, the pain completely left.  She also had us pray for pain in her hand.  That left as well.  To our surprise, as we were praying with the lady, people began to gather.  There were many families at Priya; there to watch Krrish before the summer holidays end.  Mom prayed for a couple of ladies who were experiencing pain in their legs as I prayed for the issues another family was facing.  Once we started praying, for over two hours, we continued to pray non-stop for one person after another.  We saw pains in legs, necks, stomachs, backs, fingers, and heads disappear.  People had us pray for all sorts of things from tensions to family problems. 

Some of the people who stick out in my mind:

1)     A man with severe hearing loss felt his ears begin to open up as we prayed.  He said he would come to Fairdabad for continued prayer.

2)     A woman who had gone almost completely blind in one eye just a few days earlier began to see clearly again and the pain in her eye also left.

3)     An Iranian man who had been observing us for some time came up and told me he was curious.  He said he did not believe in all this, but he was seeing it with his eyes now.  I handed him a copy of our testimony and thought he would be on his way.  However, he said he wanted prayer for a sciatic nerve problem.  After prayer, he said that there was a significant difference.  He said that as I was praying for him, he felt a vibration from my hand enter his body. 

4)     A lady we had prayed for last wee who was having family problems returned to say that there was a huge difference.  She brought her son along for prayer as well.

5)     The man who had started the Priya movie theater many many years earlier had us pray for a few things for him as well!

A young guy, Arpit, observed everything very closely for quite some time.  At the end I asked him if he wanted prayer.  He said he did not want prayer.  He wanted my autograph.  I didn’t give him my autograph, but invited him to our youth group, which he gladly joined.  For youth group, Aript, Judes, Christopher and Derek joined.  Christopher and Derek are Judes’ cousins.  We talked about giving our lives to Jesus.  I shared with them about Tom’s miracle.  Arpit questioned if prayer had to be done in the name of Jesus.  I told him that I had tried everything and had only found the name of Jesus to be effective, but he needed to not take my word for it, but discover it for himself.

Afterwards, we went and prayed for an elderly man that we always pray for.  The man seemed discouraged when we approached him.  He said his entire body was in pain.  It was all falling apart.  But, I had the guys lay hands on the man and as we began to pray, the pain all began to leave.

Just as we stopped praying, Mom came with the couple from Vasant Vihar that we used to pray for before we left to the US (the couple where the wife has mental problems).  They had spotted us and were so happy.  The man told us that the lady is doing much better.  They will come for prayer on Sunday.

As we were leaving, we kept having to stop and pray for people.  Even sitting in the car, we prayed for people.   

Scripture for the Day:
“But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.”  Proverbs 1:33.

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